3 wings of LFR down, 3 Sanguicell

Here is what I am faced with that really shows that someone had a very different idea of the value of professions to casual players.

First up for me I need to make these gloves or pants which are both 355 and depending on the secondary stats, would probably be an upgrade over my 340’s.  Making these unlocks the recipes for the next level up.

Here are my 370 versions, which again, I make to learn the recipe for the next level up.

And then finally I would be able to make the absolute best 385 gear for two slots.

The Expulsom and Hydrocores are certainly difficult to acquire, you just need to run a lot of Heroic Dungeons and hope for the best, or run a lot of Mythic Dungeons to get the Hydrocores.  And scrap a lot of gear to get the Expulsom.  But once I have done those, the Sanguicell.  It really is a virtual slap in the face to players like me.  To make those last two pieces of gear, that will probably be worthless by the last tier of LFR, gear that might give me a boost and confidence to try pugging a Normal raid, or maybe even asking to go along with the raid team on a Normal clear, or the first few Heroic bosses, is something that has been placed so far out of reach that it is not even worth trying to get the first set of 355 gear.

I am sure they probably thought that people would be all signing up to run Mythic +10, and power clearing Islands, maxing out World Quests everyday, and by this point having full clears of Uldir Normal and Heroic, moving into Mythic.  Those with gathering professions and Alchemy would be jumping at the opportunity to switch back and forth to having crafting professions to spend their stockpiles of Sanguicell on Bind on Pick Up crafted gear they could make.  Maybe there are a lot of players that fit that design ideal.  It most certainly is not me.

I have completed a full LFR clear of Uldir once.  And that will be it for me, because while I don’t believe that the development team doesn’t care about players, I think they do, of a certain type, they don’t really care about me.  I know that may sound petty, that I am demanding they cater to me.  I really don’t care either.  They can design the game how ever they please.  I don’t have to play it the way they have.  It’s a shame really, I would like to do more, to feel like there is a chance that if I put in some work I could.  But the ways I have caught up in the past no longer work.  They have arbitrarily decided what an adequate level of reward is sufficient for the content I am doing.  If I want to do more difficult, I am going to have to take a bunch of lumps to my confidence as a player, certainly my bank account, and get through it.

I have been beaten down too far.  There was a time I could get angry, could find the desire to go fight, to be there with all those I play with.  But these past few years have just filled me with apathy for the game and the only character I have ever played, and will ever play.  Maybe they will make a big change in 8.1 when all of the crafted stuff becomes worthless as Normal or higher level gear drops will start passing the 400 mark.  So now I just bide my time, doing world quests until I have them all at exalted, sending out missions, and killing the World bosses when up for a chance to get something more than  23 gold I mean 5000 Artifact Power, Oh yeah, 500 Azerite Power.

Is Battle for Azeroth one of the worst expansions released by Blizzard?   I don’t honestly know or care.  Every expansion since they released The Burning Crusade has been the worst expansion to players. I am just looking back on a comment I made a few months back wondering if it was going to be a waste of $60.  Right now?  It sure feels like it.  If not for my wife, I would simply walk away and not look back.  There is no enticement that could ever get me to return once I do leave.  It is going to be a long 22 months.


13 thoughts on “3 wings of LFR down, 3 Sanguicell

  1. The crafting of those top things is just ridiculous. It’s a lot easier to get 355 gear in other ways. Even 370. I feel nostalgic about the old Robe of the Void etc which amounted to a lot of farming, but it was soloable. Needing mats/drops from raids more befits (the old) legendary gear things. Or cloak of onyxia. etc

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    1. I farmed material all during Wrath to make the daily piece of cloth for all of the patterns, same in Cata, Mists, Draenor. Legion was the first to require going into Mythic dungeons, but you had to kill 1 boss in two Dungeons. This? It is just stating to players that if you want the gear to do the content, you will have to do the content first. That you will get gear drops better long before you can craft something is irrelevant.

      Sanguicell’s should be a form of currency like Frozen Orbs we’re back in the day for materials, or for resources to do missions.

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  2. Gosh, I didn’t know the LFR version was that open, I haven’t even tried one wing yet. But goodness, those crafting material requirements. Surely they are being overhauled big time in the next patch, or?

    I recall crafting many years ago; when I did not have access to high end raiding gear; crafting provided me with decent gear. I guess today, though, one does have access to the gear, since the places it drops are required to run in order to get the crafting materials for the “none raiding gear” version. Hah. That sentence made no sense, yet it is how it is right now, yes?

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      1. As much as people complained about the Garrisons I liked having them to an extent. They could have done more with outposts, and the original Garrison feature was supposed to be like player housing where you could potentially build it anywhere. I think due to time limits they made the decision to put them in one place. A great deal of players in a way abused the system with armies of Alts shuffling materials back and forth across their account. But it was nice having a home base of sorts. Certainly it had issues, but I felt like I was able to keep up with others. It was the last expansion that I have set foot in as part of a raid team.

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      2. Aha I see. I hear what you are saying. My guess is they are saving housing for when it’s really nessesary, income wise. I’d say the final expansion of all.

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