Glanced at the WarcraftQA feed

And I closed it down once I got to where they said some Azurite traits may be retired in 8.1 and replaced with new.

Sigh. Hold on to all of your Azerite gear. What may be crap today could possibly be much better once 8.1 is live.

In a nut shell, we designed some gear and didn’t realize it was crappy, so even though we know you sold it/scrapped it/disenchanted it, it should have been better, so we’re gonna fix it. But don’t worry, you can always farm it back up again.

I’m done.


5 thoughts on “Glanced at the WarcraftQA feed

  1. Hm. Do you need to hold on to it, when you are not a player who needs to min maximise, though? I mean, no need to worry about it, if all I do is LFG and a couple of quests yes? 🙂 One less thing to worry about, one less thing that needs sorting out.

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      1. Forgive my, is the word ignorance? But does it matter that much? Isn’t it just better to ignore it, if one does not need to squeeze out any extra output possible, if that makes sense?

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      2. I would like to be able to play with everyone else in the guild, to be confident enough to jump in on a raid night if they needed someone, to want to speak up when they are looking for someone to do a Dungeon. Not being able to come close to what Simcraft says I should be capable of doing because the gear I have is junk just makes it frustrating.

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      3. Aha alright, I had no idea it meant such an enormous different in DPS etc output. Once again, I guess I am really enjoying not being “up there” where it matters.

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