I don’t think they are caving to the players.

Seen a few comments and talks about the feeling that Blizzard is caving to player pressures about Azerite gear. Honestly? I highly doubt it. If there is anything pressuring them to make changes, it is direction from the top. They no longer care about how many subscribers they have, what they do care about is how many hours those that subscribe play. Oh sure, they can spin this whole situation as “we are listening”. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if they had plans all along to add in a currency system from the beginning to be implemented at the time where they normally see a drop off in hours played. What better way to get people logging in doing difficult content so that they will be able to buy the best piece they want. It won’t work as well as they think. They are designing and implementing changes and goals based on a player mentality from 10 years ago, on exit surveys from players that quit because the game was too easy, not enough of a challenge. For me the new system won’t work well because it requires players like me to do content we don’t enjoy. I will just keep using the system in place to slowly creep up doing quests in the world. Sooner or later I will get there. And then we will be on to the next expansion, the next new system which tosses out all of this for something new and even more convoluted.


4 thoughts on “I don’t think they are caving to the players.

  1. I try to think about this too. What I do not get is how does it contribute to their income, to have players play longer? Surely just an active sub is the goal, or?

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    1. A few years ago they changed how they report income from how many subscribers they have, to how much time those people play. It’s good when you say we had 3 million people subscribed to WoW, and that’s a numbers stockholders and investors can understand, but when it’s changed to, subscribers to blizzard games logged in 1.5 billion hours on all of our titles, that’s a really big number and more exciting.

      Think of it like you mentioned with psychology. A mob takes 45 seconds to kill, your DPS is say 9,500. Now change the scenario around. A mob takes 45 seconds to kill, your DPS is 475,000. Obviously the second way you are more powerful because the number is bigger.

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      1. What would be very interesting to know is, did Mike Morhaime steer the design of game and how they are reported to drive up stock values knowing he was going to retire. I just did a quick search and the man has a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars.

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