Blizzcon has come and gone

Blizzcon has ended for another year.

I’ve seen some of the comments, not a lot of them favorable to what other things are coming for other titles. But then there were scattered comments about things being fun. I’m sure a lot of grumbling was based on expectations, and how things were presented. I really didn’t follow things that well to be honest. I didn’t have the virtual ticket, wasn’t checking the Blizzard web site for Blizzcon videos or news. I have reached a point where I am no longer looking at what may be coming in the next month, or six. I am just playing what is in front of me at the moment. No more rushing to keep ahead. I do what I feel like, and work towards little goals.

The Diablo controversy from what I have briefly read seems somewhat warranted to a point. I mean I was among those that waited a very long time from Diablo 2, until 3 was released. So in a world where if a title goes too long people walk away and even nostalgia will bring them back, news that there is not a Diablo 4 anywhere near to being ready, but instead here is a mobile version of the current, not made by us, but look it’s Diablo in a new format, yeah, not really impressed. I mean would you be excited if say Harley Davison came out with a brand new retro line, that were being made overseas and while the basic stock motorcycle was what you paid for, if you wanted the retro leather seat, the old style headlight, side view mirrors, you would have to pay extra. And if you had issues you couldn’t go to your local Harley dealer because it was a Harley in name only. Yeah I think I would be a little upset.

I am sure all the people that went there had a great time, will be on cloud nine for many days. Those of us that cannot afford to go will look to what your impressions were. Me? I’m just playing what’s in front of me. The hype train left me at the station a long time ago.

I really do see a lot of irony in how some are all in for Classic WoW and are thrilled with Diablo mobile, and people taking issue when some are upset at one, and their reactions, when they are doing the exact same for the news that they have no interest in. I’ve only read a few blog posts from folks, seen Facebook and Discord comments, the screen captures people have shared from Twitter. I really do believe that walking away from that dumpster fire was one of the best things I have ever done. I originally went there because people were there nerding out every day. It all went to hell when everyone started to look at it as a job. To be perfectly honest I really don’t care about Method winning, or the professionally made CosPlay outfits that probably won. To me the group of people knocking down content on what ever PC they managed to scrape together playing 2 days a week, the person that hand made an entire outfit with $100 in materials are the real gamers and fans. The rest are professionals that collect salaries that use the gaming world to earn a living.


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