Another day and more fallout

I know the comment has been made before by myself and a few other bloggers, at the tendency for Blizzard to double down on choices.  And I see this morning in the mists of damage control if you will, that the practice is continuing.

Icy Veins, All Blizzard Franchises will have mobile titles

What is really troubling to me is that after the initial upload of the Diablo Mobile YouTube started getting 10’s of thousands of down votes, they pulled it and relisted another, which of course was immediately noticed and the newer upload started getting hammered even more.  At one point I saw something odd.  In our Discord someone noticed that about 100,000 down votes seemed to disappear.  Speculation was Blizzard made a call to YouTube to get them removed somehow.

They should know better.  In this day and age when people pick up on anything and everything, have no qualms about sharing what they found on social media, you should know better guys.  We are not back in the early 90’s when you could get away with things like that.  I would not be at all surprised to see in the next day or two an apology for how it was presented, along with some teaser for what they have in the works.

Mark Kern has written a pretty well thought out response to how things were handled, its worth a read

And what he mentions is pretty much what I said a few weeks back

They are losing touch with the players, they are not communicating very well.  Awhile back they were looking for a Social Media manager I believe.  The qualifications were pretty much focused on finding someone with advertising experience, degrees in marketing, and years of experience.  What they really need is someone young that understands how quickly social media changes, how to put a good spin on a bad situation.  The longer they sit back behind closed doors trying to figure out what to say, the larger the raging fire is going to get.

Guys look.  You dropped the ball, own that shit, poke some fun at yourself, and do better.  Please do not just brush it off as players being toxic entitled jerks.

End of day update. So far we’ve heard Wintergrasp is making a comeback, and that there was a Diablo 4 announcement planned but was pulled last minute. Tune in tomorrow as Anaheim tosses more water onto the fire to get it more manageable, and to a point they can hand out marshmallows graham crackers and Hersey bars so we can all make s’mores and sing Kum ba yah.

And I see this morning the leaked info about the reveal has been denied by Blizzard. Ah well, on to better things.


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