Voting in America tomorrow.

Tomorrow we vote in our mid-term elections, historically these elections have low voter turnout and incumbents are normally just put back in without really needing to campaign. This year I expect there is going to be a great deal of voting records shattered, a lot of shake ups, and a lot of people angry and calling for recounts. I voted already. I have taken advantage of a program available in my area that has my ballot mailed to me weeks prior, I have an opportunity to research the candidates, and I don’t mean what is spewing from their mouths on tv in political adds. I will not say who I voted for or which party. I will say I did not vote 100% party lines. I picked the people I thought had the best qualifications to do the job. I will say that I certainly did not vote for Senator Menendez, even though he may have avoided being convicted of what the Justice Department tried to prove, he certainly was on the edge of one thing to many. I grew up in an area of the country where all the things people associate with the Republican old boy network, back room dealings, patronage jobs etc, are nothing new, except that it is the Democrat party. People are hand picked for offices and they are voted in because that’s the way it works around here. Certainly we have had a few good choices, that didn’t last long because they bucked the party line. But this is how it has always been. People vote Democrat because their parents did, and grand parents. Back generations, because a lot of the jobs depended on getting government awards, and those who wanted the power, made sure to keep those that voted them in happy. But things have changed. Young adults now are not looking at working in long closed down factories, they want high paying tech jobs in air conditioned offices. 6 figure salaries, lots of personal time off. The enticements offered in the past mean nothing to them. Many see how hard these past 10 years have been for their parents and are wondering, why keep the old guard in there. Those high ranking Democrats and Republicans cannot relate to average people, they don’t want to. We are just a source of revenue for them to have money to play with. It’s all about control. Any candidate who runs on a platform of the other guy is going to take away your free stuff, is admitting that they control your choices because they give you free stuff. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, if this country will go blue or red. I hope somewhere in the middle with those on the far left and right out the door and more moderate sensible people running things.


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