What would you think if Blizzard introduced guild housing as a town.

After reading Coffee Cakes and Crits blog post on Player Housing


I got to thinking. What if we could, as a guild, build a small town. We could build an Inn, Stables, all the buildings they gave us in WoD. You could instance it to exclude anyone not in the guild, could incorporate some way for people who would like to join to submit a request and someone with permission could approve it where they just had to stop by to pick it up to join. It could have some limited flexibility in design choices, a grand hall to display achievements, profession huts or buildings where all the patterns known by people in the guild were available, if you have the mats. You could set up a warehouse where people could contribute materials the NPCs could draw from. My thinking would be that it was about double at a minimum to start. How large it could grow would depend on achievements of the guild. Obviously it couldn’t get too big. But I think it would be neat to have not just a place for ourselves, but a much larger place for friends to gather.

So what are your thoughts, what would you love to see if they said one day we are looking for suggestions.


3 thoughts on “What would you think if Blizzard introduced guild housing as a town.

  1. Ohhh, what if NPC’s could turn up on occasion to challenge people to duels, or even better some show up to challenge people in guild to pet battles where if they win enough matches there is a pet available to buy as a guild reward.

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  2. Good thoughts and question. My own place to decorate, that’s for sure. For each FoS/Legacy achievement I have, I’d love to display these things. Like a trip down memory lane. How about personal screenshots to get up on a wall in game? Or screenshots of friends and adventures.

    I’d love some kind of “Tamagochi” (spelling…) thing, with a favorite pet, where it grows big into a mount in the end from all the care I’ve given it, like the dinosaur quests on Broken Isles, sort of.

    Those kind of things. For fun, not for anything else 🙂

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