Watched a lot of election results last night

I watched a good portion of the election results reporting last night. Presently it looks like the Democrat party just has control of the House, and Republicans the Senate. What was surprising watching the numbers were the ones they thought were guaranteed wins weren’t, people voted in women veterans, some old timers got the boot, and a great deal of races were very close. Now that all the posturing is over they will get some work done.

Anyone that managed to keep their seat did so by a slim margin.  There were a great deal of races where the difference was only 5%, some results I saw for more rural areas where the total votes were around 15,000 people voting, races were decided by as few as 400 people.  There were many voting records shattered which I was very happy to see.  What I have not been thrilled to see are the attitudes of a great many people.  Those that have made the conscious judgment that anyone that voted Republican is a bad person, or that feel that the only way things will get done is if the Democrats have full control.  And that is a shame.  Those are the people that will just vote a party because they have a mindset.  Myself personally?  My voting was on both sides depending on the candidate and the job they were running for.  I actually used the internet to research those I had to choose from.

I guess I never realized that researching the person you were voting into political office wasn’t the right way to do things, until I saw how many Twitter famous people enlightened me to their way of thinking by badgering me because I shared a different view.  I did chuckle quite a bit months ago as a read people saying you need to embrace all views and share your opinion, when what they really mean is you need to listen to me and change your mind to the way I am thinking.  And I refuse to do that.  Certainly there may be point I will agree with the views of others, just as I am sure many will agree or disagree with mine.  I vote because it is how we do things in this country, I read up on those I have to choose from, I make decisions based on how a persons platform will affect me, my family, my friends, my job.

For those that just voted one party or the other because that is what your parents did, or because that is the popular trending thing to do?  I honestly feel for what you will have to look forward to in years to come. It is not a perfect system, but it’s worked for a few hundred years.  We never get all we hope for.  I just hope that those that got voted in will stop with the whole us v them.  We see in our Warcraft world how well that is working.  Perhaps WoW is a reflection of the way the world is run.  Boy that is a scary thought.


In other news millions of people got up and went to work like they do every day, later this week they will look at their paycheck and wonder if there is enough to pay the bills and maybe have enough for food. I really have to stifle a laugh at those that think finally now we can get things done, or that this is a good start to changing the world. You really do live in a glass bubble. Some things will get better for some, some things will get worse for others. In New Jersey people voted to borrow $500 million dollars to fix schools, they wanted to borrow a billion. Union contractors are already lining up to grab at the money. What everyone, well most people, failed to read was the little clause towards the bottom that said if they could not pay for the bond with what they anticipated collecting, they can raise property taxes statewide to pay the bill. I am beyond tapped out. I read locally all the time how our high school needs repairs to the buildings where the kids are taught. I voted yes to the school districts borrowing to make them. What I did not vote yes for was their desire to improve the high school track and football field that they only re-did 4 years ago to a world class stadium with all new artificial turf that would need to be replaced every few years at a significant cost, to install new lighting and video recording and broadcasting equipment, etc. My primary concern is that your child gets a good education, not that you were able to watch highlights of their nighttime football game from home.


10 thoughts on “Watched a lot of election results last night

  1. I have a lot of American friends from all over their political spectrum. Politics shouldn’t define who you are. I like the staunchiest of republicans and the leftest of the left democrats. Good people who care about their families and communities are what it really comes down to.

    On the most basic sense, this is how I see it (I am well educated and well informed, but I don’t live in the USA. So grain of salt.). I also self define as liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues. If that helps.

    Republicans are behind the times. It’s hard to argue against that statement. They are fighting to hold onto the past. They need to move more to the present. Racial changes, sexual identification, the move away from religion, decentralisation of power, change of work economies. all make them feel threatened.

    Democrats are ahead of the times. I am not saying that as a GOOD way as if Republicans being a bit behind is bad. The social changes and expectations they espouse will take time for the mass group of Americans to truly learn to accept. It doesn’t have to be yesterday, it can be tomorrow. Stop pushing so hard for it. Change and acceptance takes time. Government can’t afford to take care of everyone, individual rights can’t always trump the purpose of government to take care of the people, pace of change can’t happen fast enough, idealism vs realism. These things make them feel threatened.

    So you have one party living to an idealistic past, and another toward a self-appointed idealized future, and then the masses sitting in the middle saying neither fits where I am fully, and I have to make a choice between two things that aren’t current.

    More than ever, the USA needs a third option that is viable. Some centrist views that takes into account both.

    Again, my humble thoughts. Not meant to start a fight or piss anyone off, and maybe I am completely wrong. This is just how I felt as I thought through the results I was reading. Regardless of what you think, the truth is America is exactly what it is, and no amount of wishing or wanting will otherwise will change that.

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    1. Nope. You are spot on. The extremes on each side are pushing people that are trying to live in the middle to choose one over the other. I kind of look at government like Girl Scout cookie sales. You have the Democrats selling you cookies and telling you that you have to buy them because, look at those poor girls standing in the cold, how will they raise money to do things with their troop, you have more money than they do, you should buy a case, just put it on your credit card, don’t worry about the 85 cents on the dollar we keep to use on other things. To the Republicans that want you to buy the cookies so they can build a factory that employs 10,000 people to make more cookies, you are putting people to work and that’s a good thing, just ignore the 85 cents we are keeping to do other things.

      Most Americans like eating Girl Scout cookies because they are only around once a year and are like crack. But most of us know that we can maybe only afford to buy a box or two, and we are made to feel bad because we had to say no.

      I am in the middle. I know with health care it’s a problem. It’s too expensive for those at the poverty level, and even myself who took a job 30 years ago because it included health care am at a point I’m taking the bare minimum because otherwise I take a cut in pay and hope to not get sick. What everyone fails to see is that if say health care costs $5,000. You have 100 people that need it. Out of those 100, 70 can only pay half. That means the other 30 have to pay $7,000 more on top of the $5,000. In actuality the numbers are much worse. I believe I read that the 2015 budget allowed for 1 trillion dollars to subsidize health care for the poor. I don’t care if you taxed the richest people in the country 80% of their income, it won’t pay that bill. It gets passed down to average people like me. They keep looking at how to pay to cover everyone, instead of how can we lower costs so that everyone can afford it. It’s a broken system that stems from the decades of malpractice lawsuits for frivolous claims. Doctors have to carry insurance that costs tens of thousands of dollars so they pass the cost on, drug companies, hospitals, it has all grown too costly to maintain.

      Ah well, I’m rambling. I have voted since 1980, I’ve seen power shifts to the left and right, no one ever wins, except those running the government. I’m just a number in the system that they send a bill to every week, that hopes maybe when I’m in my 80’s I might be able to retire and enjoy life for a few years.

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      1. A lot of problems could be solved if both sides of an issue could meet part way in order to start making it better. The just throw money at it approach isn’t working.

        Here in New Jersey we had several administrations that jumped at getting Federal money for programs.

        “Here is $50 million dollars for an after school program to help kids”

        “Ohhhh, $50 million, that’s great, we’ll take it. Snicker snicker, we can do that for $35 million.”

        The next year the state said, hey can we get that $50 million for this year?

        Sorry, no. That program expired.

        But we started a program because you gave us money.

        Well we figured that it would cost $35 million to run the program yearly and $15 million to get it up and running. We thought you knew the money was a one time thing.

        Oh, so we aren’t getting the money?



        Ok, we will just borrow $100 million to cover it for a few years.

        And that is why New Jersey is over $33 billion in debt.

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  2. Politics are a bitch, for sure. In America, it is designed to have a balance that teeters one way and then another; there has been zero balance for the past two year and the system ran amok. Now, after this election, there will be some balance again.
    Yep, I am always thrown for a loop on the bonds issues. They show up on the ballot but there is little public discussion about the pros and cons of each one; in general I vote against spending money if I don’t understand the bond.
    In all, I am encouraged by the sheer amount of voters!

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    1. I agree. The system was created with checks and balances in mind. It has swung a bit too much over the past several administrations and all they seem to want is for it to all be their way. The comment from Nancy Pelosi “Now that we have control again we can work to heal this country”

      I’m sorry, what? Why did it take you regaining power to try to work to heal the country. Were you spending the past few years just sitting around complaining that “we can’t do anything”. Personally I have been livid at both parties when they grandstand by not voting at all. You are there to do a job. Do it. If you disagree with what’s proposed you offer an alternative. You don’t just sit in a corner crying because the other kids have the ball.

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  3. When we are young and full of ideals, it’s very simple to say things like let the government take care of it, or we should be helping those poor people in that country over there, why don’t we have the best in our school….

    And then we get older. Our parents get older, we start seeing how they struggle to keep afloat, they are on fixed income, they have Medicare and every year get to a point where all their medication falls into the donut hole. They have spent to much on medicine doctors have prescribed and that asthma inhaler that cost $20 last month now costs $400 to refill. You see them weighing out maybe taking a lesser dosage every day so they can stretch it a week, they don’t go anywhere because they cannot afford to. And you start looking at yourself, and wondering, am I going to be ok in 30 years? Is this what my life will be? You see people you know on social media talking about getting their disability claim approved because they have social anxiety and wonder how does that prevent you from learning medical billing or some other job that you can do from your home. Why are my parents suffering after working 60+ years of their lives, sometimes working 3 jobs, so you can stay at home and play video games. You look at the husband and wife that take in foster kids, and think wow, that’s wonderful that they do that, until you read the paper one day and find out they have been starving the 3 kids, the 12 year old boy weighs 60 pounds, and the couple has been pocketing the money from foster care making sure their real children have plenty to eat, and that neither parent worked because they were getting a check every month.

    There are a lot of people that truly need help, and it should be there for them. But then there are a lot of people that are just looking for a free ride at the expense of others. They use their situation to get people with good hearts to help them, and when they feel they have gotten all they can? They move on to someone new.

    I have worked since I was 14. I worked weekends for my fathers business, I answered the phone after school, I paid for the education I got after graduating. I have paid for everything from buying the used black and white tv, to my first used car, my wedding, my first home. I have worked and paid for it all. So yes, I do take some issue when people right out of high school expect to have the new car and the fancy townhouse, and to be able to party all night, and cry foul because they need to pay $30 a week towards their health care. I pay $85 per week, have ridiculous co-pays and high deductibles. I cannot afford to get sick. What spare time I have during the week is spent helping my in-laws. My entertainment extravagance is two $15 a month subscriptions to WoW. We don’t go to the movies, don’t go out to dinner, I do all of my own home repairs because I cannot afford to have a professional do it. I just get by. So when I read proposed plans to increase spending, raise taxes on the rich, I’m not rich btw, but it seems I get lumped into that demographic because I’m an old white dude that owns a home and has a car that 2% increase seems like nothing to many, to me it means tightening and adding another notch to the belt, not going to the doctors if I feel sick because I cannot afford the office visit, those kids selling cookies or popcorn? Sorry, I’m tapped out. The US has spent too many years handing out free stuff to every group that has a large voting block. They pay for most of it out of my paycheck. I don’t really care who is in power or what grand ideas they have, just that they act more responsible with what limited money is there. Because there isn’t any more here to give.

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  4. Interesting read. The health insurance system in the US has a bad rep in Europe, and it seems very complicated, and whatever changes done, it seems the insurance companies always get their unfair share of it? I rememebr reading in newspaper here (in Sweden) maybe 2006 or 2007 that the financial sector had over 40% of the total profits in all companies. To me it sounded absurd. But then that is how it is everywhere, banks produce very little and rake in the dough.
    I wonder about 5% margin to win, is that considered small margin in US? Are elections usually with big margins? I can’t compare to Europe as we usually have more parties and candidates to choose from. (Afaik, party nomines are always decided inside parties, not with more open elctions like in USA.)
    And that stadium thing…. we have it too. Corruption and also politicians prestige, building monuments of themselves with tax payer money. If you can get bread or at least circuses out of it, even better.
    I have some other thoughts about comparison with Sweden about squandering tax money, but I will just rile up myself, so I will not do that 😉

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    1. As an example.
      The Georgia governors race. The republican candidate has 50.3% of the vote, the Democrat challenger 49.6%, and a 3rd person with I believe 0.09%. Currently there is a difference of about 67,000 votes. They are currently going through all of the mail in ballots which may take weeks due to people in the military deployed over seas. That’s a very close race. There were a lot where the person that won, did so with 55% or a little less. If 5% of the voters chose differently it would be a near tie.

      It’s a very convoluted system when the decision is close.

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      1. Oh that is very close!
        In Sweden we have very strict proportionality (about the “opposite” of e.g. the UK parliament voting system). We had elections two months ago, and there has been a lot of strange things with it, even stated by foreign observers. Not that it probably affected the outcome significantly, but it is is a slippery slope of sloppiness, partiality and even fraud. Also accelerating ethnic client voting. Things are going very wrong direction here, and has for at least 20 years.

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  5. I know this is outside of WoW-themed, and in general I find it hard to contribute in a wise way, but I had to leave a note saying I really appreciate these kind of posts; they give me insight into your country from the people it affects, and it’s just so much different than just reading the (fake) news. So thank you for sharing. 🙂

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