Politics are ugly

But what is even uglier than that are the comments and views I have seen from people. I have been a registered Democrat for 38 years. I have voted for people in either party. What I have seen these past 2 years, from people I know from online only, seriously make me question why I would want to be grouped together with people that have the attitudes I have seen expressed. So many just have the view that the world is doomed until it has been converted to their view. I would not be surprised to see in the near future them calling for physical violence against those that dare question their opinions.

Sad times indeed.

I use to enjoy reading the opinions of others when they talked about things other than WoW or other games. But I am starting to believe that social media brings out the absolute worst in people because their views and opinions are shared, allowing even more radical thoughts to be expressed. I won’t name people because that just adds to the problem. When their comments get hundreds of views and shares it’s the green light to continue. One day someone is going to read something they write and get it in their head that yeah, they’re right, these people need to be stopped, and they will go out and find someone and hurt them physically.

This is going to be the last I say about politics. I just wish people would consider more what they are saying, and how damaging the comments they are making truly are.


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