What would you do if World of Warcraft went mobile

I did see the comment that many Blizzard titles were being

looked at for the mobile platform.

Is this our future in gaming? Will all of our screen shots end up in the cloud, will we eventually see VR headsets linked to our phone. I’ve seen 4K sunglasses

I think the gaming world may be advancing out of my reach. If it goes this way, if they find a way to disconnect from the PC it will do so without me.

It was only a matter of time for technology to catch up with ideas.


6 thoughts on “What would you do if World of Warcraft went mobile

  1. I have very few apps on my phone. There even seems to be a small tendency for people to get a dumbphone instead. Anyways, I would never play wow or any game on phone. Just seeing all zombies with their smartphones everywhere does not inspire 😀

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  2. Sigh loudly, in that pained way I do when the world is doing what it does.

    I don’t play games on my phone, save for Pokemon Go, but I do on my iPad. But even then I like games that are slower, that you can put down. Monument Valley. Words with Friends. Ticket to Ride. Anything like an MMO wouldn’t interest me. I don’t even like Hearthstone on the iPad.

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  3. I think the whole VR thing can turn out to be very, very dangerous for human kind… :/ It’s a whole other topic of it’s own, of course.

    As for WoW…As long as it’s there for PC, I’d first do a sigh, grumble and be upset for a while, and hopefully in the end those feelings will transform to a silent accept of what the world is changing into, and try to look at how it affects me (or does not affect me) If that makes sense 🙂 And try to keep in mind, what I can change, and what I cannot change. Save energy for where it can make an impact.

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