Have you seen these people? Why yes, yes I have.


This has seen its fair share of postings around the internet over the years.  Basically pointing out that kids don’t have the ambition to go out knocking on doors asking people if they would like their sidewalks shoveled or driveways.  I will admit to wondering myself a few years ago watching kids walking down the street pulling sleds after a big snow, thinking back to when I was young grabbing the shovel from the back yard, helping my dad shovel the sidewalk and driveway, then heading down the street to team up with friends.  Three of us could make quick work of a house and driveway and we charged $5.  We would do about 9 houses on two streets, would make $15 each for about 2 hours of work, then it was off to ride our sleds down by the lake.   Like I said, it seemed to be a trend.  But I noticed something recently,


These are two young men that are Seniors in my local High School.  They have taken the initiative to offer their services to put up your Christmas lights, and if you need some lights are even offering to go to the store to buy them for you.  They are asking $30 an hour for their time, which I think is actually very reasonable.  They have been overwhelmed with requests for work.

They even made a video, but WordPress is being a jerk about sharing it.  These are not the first young men I have seen in town offering to come clean out your gardens, rake leaves, etc.  I have seen a few parents in our towns Facebook group offer up their children’s help for some elderly people in town that need some assistance, usually someone asking if anyone is interested in earning a few dollars, and parents chiming in that they will have their boys over straight away, don’t worry about paying them, we are happy to help.

When I was growing up that is what you did as kids. Oh sure we may have grumbled a little about going over to rake the leaves for Mrs. Smith the widow in her 70’s, or Washing Mr. Jones car because he was all alone, and always waved hello to all the neighbors when they passed by his house.  We did things like that because it was the right thing to do.  I am glad to see that this new generation is taking the initiative to make some money on their own.  I am sure that in the past few years they have had a parent lose their job, or have learned the hard way at an early age that not everything is free, and having to work to earn money to get something has its own rewards.

Will I be calling these young men up to schedule an appointment?  Probably not because I have more than a few strings of lights to put up, and they would be at my house an entire day.  LOL  Here are a few from last year.


So there is an upbeat post for you Isey  😉


6 thoughts on “Have you seen these people? Why yes, yes I have.

  1. HAHA! Your house pictures are uplifting enough!

    I was going to say, kids today would setup a website, send geo-targetted facebook ads during heavy snowfalls to people within 2 miles, etc etc. =)

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  2. Interesting, I’ve never heard of this shoveling snow for money here in Germany. Then again I only lived in a house for ~15 years (in the 90s ans 00s) and we had no driveway, but some neighbors with other houses did – still, most people just did it or sent their own kids 😛

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    1. I usually shovel my own, but we’ve had some storms in the past where we’ve gotten more than 18 inches of snow. If some neighborhood kids wanted to shovel to earn some money, I’m taking them up on it. Especially since I’m older now and shoveling is work.

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  3. My goodness, I love your decorations.

    Funny, we have not got that shovel for money thing here at all, sadly. A lot has changed, I imagine, over the years, too.

    I miss the US…I am so going back someday.

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    1. Well, from watching our local news stations doing their Winter predictions, we might see a few really big storms this year. I may be looking for any young entrepreneurs looking to make a few dollars. 😃

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