I admit it, I play Candy Crush

Yes, I am one of the millions that play Candy Crush.  I do not play it every day, I normally play it through Facebook during lunch at work rather than read the news.  So why am I blogging about the game?  Because I noticed something just the other day.

For some time now on the mobile app there has been the occasional, watch this 15 or 30 second commercial to gain a reward.  I think perhaps that I might click on it maybe 1 in 20 times that it pops up.  I should also add that for as long as I have played this game, there have always been micro transactions for cash.  I have spent $0 on this game, because I know how it works.  Oh sure the temptation is there to just drop $5 to get a bunch of bonuses you can use, especially if you get stuck on a level, and if you were wondering I am on level 761, to get past the tough level.  I have learned that the game has it’s own version of RNG protection.  If you step away for a few days and come back, miraculously you will one shot it.  There are times when you only get so many moves to complete the level you cannot figure out how it is possible, the answer is that using the App on your phone gives you an advantage of a special bonus spin once a day that could reward you with possibly 5 or 15 extra moves.

So a few days ago I noticed that the pop ups on my phone for a commercial were not just the occasional one here and there every few day, now they are popping up more frequently, also the frequency of the game asking me to fill in my name so it can be a more personal experience.  And I wonder if this is leading to a point in the near future where they will want a nominal fee to play without advertising.  Here is the tin foil hat part of the story.  What if they roll out Diablo Immortal as a mobile app for free, but you have to put up with the occasional commercial, or you can pay $2.95 a month to go commercial free.  Something to consider down the road when we start to see more info on Diablo.

Now as a bonus.  I have the biggest tinfoil hat I have ever donned to share.

And thanks to Kaylriene‘s blog post for the idea.

We all were a bit down about Mike Morhaime stepping down to an advisory position, I am sure he probably has a huge non-compete clause he will sign.  And it occurred to me, what if all those prominent names from the hey days of Warcraft that have left over the years, even up to Chris Metzen, was a part of a grand plan.  A quick check shows that Mike Morhaime is worth about $1.8 billion, certainly a decent enough amount that if he was confident enough in a product he could create a whole new company.  Perhaps a company that could make and release the failed Titan project.  I mean we only have the word of what insiders have said about the project getting scrapped after 7 years, but what if they all saw the writing on the wall, saw that Activision was pushing to have more control, saw they really had no way to buy them out or to retake their solidarity as a stand alone company.  What if all of those who have left, from Greg Street and beyond, have all been patiently been waiting for a day to all come together and make the new Huge MMO that dominates the gaming experience for years to come.

Just a big speculative thought for you.


6 thoughts on “I admit it, I play Candy Crush

  1. Interesting thoughts! King (who makes Candy Crush) is owned by Activision Blizzard too, so the idea is not as impossible as some might imagine!

    As for the Morhaime bit, there are a lot of companies out there staffed by former Blizzard people. Even in 2007, there was Flagship, and now there is Bonfire Studios and a large contingent of ex-Blizzard folks at Amazon Game Studios. If he were looking to rejoin the industry, I could imagine those places would be welcoming of someone with his pedigree!

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  2. What is a “non-compete clause”? Like, something you sign so you cannot work on anything similar?

    That is indeed wishful thinking. If I was Mike, I sure would not like how things have developed.

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    1. Yes. A non compete clause is usual to prevent someone from leaving one job and starting another doing the same or similar where they would be competing with their previous employer.

      My sister works for a company that supplies temporary workers to businesses. She left one employer to go work for another. She had to sign a no-compete agreement saying she would not be reaching out to clients she had while at the previous company.

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