Sorry Alunaria, I tried

So I saw this just now,

I’m on a customer list that was collected by Blizzard. They have added me to a list of people they want to reach on Facebook.

Just going to let that sink in.

All of the bad rep that Facebook has gotten, and are still getting, and now Blizzard is soliciting my account with advertising? So I am sure that I will be seeing comments from friends and family as these ads start popping up in their timelines with a not that I am a fan, or I like, Blizzard.

Time to start being proactive and shutting them down. I enjoy playing WoW, I am a fan of the game with all of the minor problems. But I draw a line at where my personal information is concerned. If you want to push products through the Battlenet Desktop, that’s fine. But intruding in my personal space?

Yeah, you have stepped over the line and now you are cut off.

Excuse me while I purge any apps of follows of Blizzard. Or should I say Activision now?

7 thoughts on “Sorry Alunaria, I tried

  1. Aw not to worry. I applaud you for making it this far.

    Surely this must be, not an error but something else, like, at least here, that kind of personal info has to be kept in a specific way and can’t just be shared around. Or does one sign/tick some boxes to make it happen?

    Sorry, language barrier is strong on this one.

    I never linked my Facebook Account to anything. I’m only there to be able to view something for our son, I don’t even have any friends or anything. I hate everything social media related, except blogs.

    But I guess it makes sense from a business respective to be in the thoughts of the customer whereever they will “go”.

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    1. I reviewed all of the advertising info. My info has been shared and posted to over 1230 companies. How many have I visited? 0, how many do I follow 0, how many have I commented on? 0. At one time I liked the Blizzard Facebook page. No longer. I have every setting concerning share my info, or suggest things to me turned off.

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      1. I think they just buy up lists of names to promote advertising to you based on your likes. I’ve probably clicked like on Warcraft type postings, so that puts me on a list I guess.

        Hazards of living on the internet.

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  2. Maybe my time working in marketing has skewed my perception of these things, but this seems… pretty normal? This just means that they are using Facebook as an advertising channel, in the same way they might decide to use an email service provider to send you a promotional e-mail. In both cases it means that your information has been passed on to a third party for the specific purpose of contacting you. I guess with Facebook being a big name it’s just more obvious while with random ESP #456 it wouldn’t be. Unless you explicitly opted out of all of that stuff on the Blizzard end, this is legit even here in the EU where the data protection laws are generally stricter as far as I’m aware.

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