A discussion on crafting professions

I have expressed my opinion on professions in Battle for Azeroth back in September, over here if you would like to read.  My personal opinion is that they really missed the mark with trying to make crafted gear have meaning.  Perhaps it was a decision made at high levels setting a value to reward ratio for the bind on pick up drops like Sanguicell, or Hydro Cores that you have to farm Heroic or Mythic Dungeons and Raids in order to have even a slim chance of making something usable for yourself before the next tier of content comes out.  I briefly looked at the recipes I have not learned for Tailoring, and I see they have raised the bar for this current patch to allow me to make crafted pants and hands with a gear level of 415, which sounds awesome, until you look at the steps needed to even learn the recipe, on top of the materials needed, 200 Breath of Bwonsamdi for each piece.  If they are anything like the previous Sanguicell which was a drop of 1 per boss at LFR level, they have effectively placed crafting the gear so far out of reach for average players, that it is not even worth pursuing.  I am getting drops from occasionally doing world content, be it the current World boss Ivus, or from Emissary reward cache’s.

Looking back at the initial recipes requiring 50 Sanguicell and other materials, I was faced with running LFR 13 times to gather enough to make the first pieces, and I do not even know how many Heroic and Mythic dungeons.  That was just to make the first level of those pieces, repeat that again for the next level, then raise the bar to needing 25 runs, then 38 runs, and since you can only do them once a week after many weeks waiting to actually get into Raid Finder to do them, you are 10 months into the game crafting gear that you cannot trade or sell, that is outdated and worthless because you have already gotten better.  I honestly would like to know if they have looked at exactly what percentage of those with crafting professions, have actually made a piece of this not even really good gear.

I understand that the reward should be meaningful based on the amount of time required to get it.  But it honestly feels like they have not so much taken the stand that you need to play end game content at the level they want the game played, but also for a much longer commitment in time playing.  I have to ask is that a design choice made by the game developers, or is that a directive from upper management telling them to adjust the amount of time required to boost logged in time numbers.  If I knew that after running full clears of LFR that after say 7 full clears, 7 weeks, I would have gathered enough materials to make a pair of 385 pants, then perhaps I would have been at least trying.  That would be running the same content for 12 weeks in order to make two pieces of 385 gear.  But when you add in the requirement to do the same in a Heroic or Higher dungeon, it once again pushes the goal too far out.  I did Ivus one time and picked up a 385 chest.  I have done 4 World quests and gotten 370-375 gear drops as a reward.  If the desire is for me to participate more in instanced content such as Mythic dungeons or Raiding, they are really not looking at the type of people they are trying to encourage.

So I will ask, what are your thoughts on Crafted Gear Professions, do you think they are perfectly fine?

3 thoughts on “A discussion on crafting professions

  1. Answer to your question: I’ve avoided them!
    Players might find it fun to figure out how to do it and put in the time, but I feel that my gear replacement is so fluid that that level of investment is only for those enthusiasts who love that kind of stuff.

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    1. That’s an excellent point. We get and replace gear so quickly is it even worth committing to the slog. I had buyers remorse for purchasing a Darkmoon Trinket at the start for a lot more gold than I would have ever considered paying.

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