How can we have a content lull, when there is content?

How can we have a content lull when there is content?

I was driving in this morning and thinking about the past several weeks.  Looking back we started the expansion with a full head of steam, we were seeing evenings with 80+ people online.  As the expansion has progressed that number slowly dropped, but on raid nights still we had over 30 or so, but as the holidays approached, and raiding started to not happen due to lack of key roles, that number dropped even more to a point where on Saturday night we had 6 people on besides myself.  Guild chat was quiet, I worked on some of the odd achievements, and it reminded me of how the game is at the very end of an expansion where everyone has completed all that they hoped for and gone off to play other games.

Is it fallout from the timing of the release? If we had to wait an additional month of two would we have spent our holidays trying to sneak in some extra time to get in on a raid night?  Here we are still 2 weeks away from the next raids opening, I see people in our Discord chomping at the bit to get back in and do a clear or two of Uldir, and yet, it is still quiet in guild online.  There is obviously stuff to do in game, we still have emissary world quests we can do, we now have two Warfronts, we have Alliance/Horde invasions depending on your faction, there is still Mythic+ dungeons to be run, the existing raid, reps to be completed, feeding that damn egg every day, so what is the issue?  I honestly don’t know.

For me, there is nothing really grabbing my attention, sure I could ride around and complete world quests, I could try my hand at farming old content, could waste a few hundred thousand gold buying up mounts, could be doing pet battles in the old zones for achievements, but all of these possible activities are not screaming out to me to rush over and work on this, or complete that.  We spent an evening looking for a couple of wood planks to ride in Voldun, killed off all the rares in Nazmir, and took care of the Mushroom guys, and all I could think was, ok, whats next?  Maybe go underwater bar hopping?  There is something missing, I’ve mentioned it before, we don’t see the bad guy out and about, oh sure data mining has told us “Old Gods!!!” “Queen Azshara!!!” good stuff coming, you will love it, you will have an AH Ha moment, trust us, you are gonna love it.

But that is the same sentiment that was shown about Island Expeditions, about how the Azerite Armor was going to be great, how the Heart of Azeroth was going to be different than the weapon in Legion, and I am not feeling it.  I will stay subbed, I will ride out the expansion and hope for more that grabs my attention in the next.  But for me right now, this feels like a content lull when in my mind I know there is plenty to do.

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