A new Social Media site

I know, many are probably saying, oh great, here comes another one, it wasn’t enough we had Facebook and Twitter, and the likes of Ello, and others that have come along. So what’s the new shizzle.


They are also working on


It is hosted by Mastadon I believe, but the person setting it all up is doing a really good job. It appears to be more about content creators, and people just sharing stuff about the games they are playing. It is still in its early stages, probably less than 200 people. It is similar to Twitter, the web browser view reminded me a little if Tweetdeck in its layout. It took me a few minutes to sort things out, but I kind of like it. It reminds me of the old days of Twitter when it was just people talking about games.

Maybe I will start seeing my favorite bloggers there too.

6 thoughts on “A new Social Media site

  1. There have several attempts at this, either the AGgronaut or TAGN recently wrote an article about it. I barely like the standard social media so probably won’t try this one either. =)

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  2. I have no problem with such a site, but am reticent to use it myself because it simply makes more work for me. I favour relatively longform writing which I do via my own website. If I wish to mirror my work elsewhere I then have to summarise it and render it into a shorter format to make it suitable for a site such as MMO social.

    I use to post my blog posts simultaneously to Facebook and Google + but this then lead to having to curate comments and interact with readers on three platforms instead of one. I therefore stopped doing this eventually because of the work it created.

    That said, because MMO Social is designed for micro blogging and the like, it does have certain advantages. You can share a link to some MMO news, post screenshots and fan art or simply write a brief comment about some aspect of an MMO that pleases you. It has it’s niche.

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  3. A nice initiative by the server owner. I hope people joining will follow whatever rules he sets up. Often there are people joining free services and somehow think they have “rights” to do whatever they want. If one really want to be wholly independent, one can set up one’s own server.

    It is Mastodon, it is federated, so you can communicate with other people on other Mastodon servers (there are many). I have not used Mastodon myself, but their forerunners status.net and GNU Social (of which there are still servers which also can communicate with Mastodon). The “mammoth” logo looks to me like a wink-wink to the GNU project logo. Mastodon is licensed under GPL, which came out of GNU and the free software movement.

    Happy federating on mmorpg.social 🙂

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