Are we really the players Blizzard wants

I was reading a press release for one of those top worlds guilds. I won’t go into all the details, but it occurred to me. Are we, the average players trying to just have fun and maybe challenge our abilities, the players that Blizzard really wants playing their games?

If they really are pushing for competitive eSports being broadcast on a network of some type, are they focusing the overall game and it’s sub-activities towards a more competitive venue? Are we becoming the kids playing Baseball, Football, or Soccer, watching our favorite games play out on the screen wondering how they are able to do those things?

These people not only play at a more highly skilled level than we do, but they also have the equipment, time, researchers, programmers, strategists, and financial backing that we certainly don’t. I have to wonder is it even fair for them to compete in a worlds first race, since it is the equivalent of say the New York Yankees showing up at a 10-12 year old baseball championship.

Blizzard obviously knows which teams and players are part of the professional circuits. Should they have an separate venue if you will for them to go head to head?

Just some late night thoughts running through my head.

8 thoughts on “Are we really the players Blizzard wants

  1. I think the players up there and the whole E sport thing, YouTubers, etc brings in the money. But there are still plenty of things in game being done for the other kind of player. Why else are rainbows in the game! 😉

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      1. I’m wondering if branding is becoming a thing of the past. Micheal Jordan being paid millions by Nike to wear their sneakers, is the return on what they pay out worth the return they are getting like they were in the past. Hmmmm. I may have to think on this more.

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  2. Good point.

    I agree with Alunaria that in a proper MMORPG there’s still much more content than the stuff aimed at ‘professional’ players, and it has to be. If every bit of content would cater to the e-sports aspect, it would become a different type of game altogether.

    That being said, streamers and so-called influencers are indeed so important to the bottom line nowadays that publishers desperately want to have their slice of that pie, and Blizz is very obviously no exception.

    I wish they’d continue to focus on shooters and stuff for their e-sports fix and leave MMORPGs alone.

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    1. Looking back at my thought it occurs to me that I am imagining Blizzard as say NFL Sports Apparel. They sell official team gear, jerseys, footballs, helmets, etc. the people buying their products don’t necessarily even play football, or maybe their kids do. My thought was trying to compare you or I going outside and tossing around a football, we are not playing the full game, nor are we competing at professional levels.

      Aarg. It’s like I have the premise of a coherent thought, but the words are escaping me.

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