I ran Vault of Archavon last night

Last night while everyone else was getting back into the raid saddle, I found myself, as I often do, walking around Old Dalaran. Thank you Ring of the Kirin Tor. And on a whim flew over to Wintergrasp to run the old raid for a chance at the mount yet again. I’ve lost track how many attempts I have made over the past 9 years, 100? Certainly that many, probably a lot more. The zone is all to familiar, many hours were spent in there over the years, and there were two last achievements I needed, to kill so many members of the opposing faction at specific areas, and another to shoot people that were mounted from the keep. All of the others I had. When it was taken out, it was a sad day for me. But I see from WoWheads 8.1.5 notes that it may be coming back. But that’s a different discussion.

So into the raid I went, not the first time to the rodeo, and I expected things to go as they had previously. I recall the day two of us got Earth, Wind and Fire, 25 Heroic. It was awesome and dare I say it, fun. During Legion I went in a few times, grabbed up every add and boss and dragged them all to the back to do one mahoosive DPS AoE burst, and the awe of seeing numbers in the millions. This was the first time I’ve been in there in the current expansion and I have to say I did not have fun. Let me explain.

Most times when in there I would take a few minutes to one shot all the adds in the hallway and corridors, mostly because it gets too cluttered looking at all the name plates and it makes it difficult to see where your going. I would normally instant cast Shadow Word Pain and see them drop in one shot. Except now they didn’t. It took a tic or two for them to go down. Looking at my character I still had my 150k health, but the bosses had health in the millions. Well that didn’t seem right. I could have sworn the last time I was in there with over 1.5 million health they were not too much higher than me and the bosses took maybe a tic or two to drop. So I cleared everything, grabbed up the 3 of them and started running to the back, except I was getting slowed down. I was taking stacks of something causing me to go slower and slower, until I had 20 stacks and came to a dead stop. So I decided to just burn them all down, and it took a few channels of Mind Sear to finish them off. I didn’t take any damage that I could see, but I wasn’t the super hero character that I remembered being. Most likely it’s just a minor tuning adjustment that wasn’t made, or perhaps its partially a result of what’s to come. It occurred to me that nostalgia sometimes isn’t all we remember. Sometimes someone goes in and tweaks our perception. I will probably only go in now to kill the one boss for the mount chance. The few hundred gold isn’t really worth the time.

Oh, and no, I didn’t get the mount again. There is always next week.

5 thoughts on “I ran Vault of Archavon last night

  1. Ooh? I cannot recall that from last time, but again, it´s been years. Sadly. I must go see! Just do some pet battles! (I´m so sorry, that´s my new thing, ever since you said that, hah 😀 )

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