It was true then, it’s true now.

Replying to Fiannor’s post this popped back into my head from years ago. I had asked similar not long after.

It’s what I find myself doing. I run a Warfront once a week for a chance at 370 or 385 rewards, I will focus an Emissary set of quests with a 370+ reward, even the occasional World Boss. I am not running Heroic or Mythic any level dungeons, I did one run through LFR. Island are not enjoyable to me, and making the carrot bigger as incentive did nothing to change my mind. I am playing to be as efficient as possible and doing things that are at least a tiny bit fun. The past few weeks I have averaged 4-5 hours playing each week. I probably could have played less. I hope they make some changes, because playing efficiently may have been a good way in the past, but it’s not much fun now.

2 thoughts on “It was true then, it’s true now.

  1. I highly recommend to stop reading Fiannor. I acknowledge her writing skills, they are superb, but she obvisouly hates the game she’s playing, and her tinfoil armor doesn’t save her from universal plots. You know, as if developers’ one and only purpose is making your personal life miserable.


  2. It’s true that playing efficiently means a lot. I recently changed my playing style a bit, and getting lucky with an Incursion as well as an Emmisary feels gooood! I save most of my goals this expansion to when I can fly too 🙂 I don’t do the Kill Rare Quest during a War Front at first, I let it come day by day, when doing the World Quests anyway. That kind of thing 🙂

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