Why can’t there be fun

Some of you may have done Arathi and picked up the item you can turn in to make you god like for a short time. I think for me it boosted my health to 3.5 million, and I was rocking out some mad deeps. It’s silly fun, it’s not game breaking where we are competing against other Faction players. We can gather wood and iron and we can get a Kodo to Roflstomp NPCs. Again, silly fun, not game breaking. There are weeds scattered all about, buffs we can get from shrines. There are lots of hidden things that give us a limited boost. So why can’t it be something more?

Why not have an award of a special elixir in our mail for completing 15 Emissary quest groupings. That would be 55-60 quests to get. It could give us quadruple health and damage for 30 minutes, but is disabled if Warmode or PvP is enabled. Not something you can use in a dungeon or raid etc, just something fun for out in the world. What about one to be an Emmisary of Bwonsamdi where you could absorb the life of NPCs to give you a stacking health buff. One that would allow you to fly for 15 seconds with a few minute cool down.

I guess I’m saying, why should it be a slog where you go kill X creatures collect AP and some rep, rinse, repeat. Why not toss in some goofy things just to make playing every once in awhile silly.

When my cousin came over with her kids, and they wanted to see what WoW was, they wanted to play Night Elves because they were cool looking and pretty. They wanted to run around and pet all the animals and kept trying to jump off ramps to see how far they could fall. There was no reason or purpose or race to be won, just two little kids laughing at how fun this was.


4 thoughts on “Why can’t there be fun

  1. Aw precious kids aspects on playing 🙂 I finally got to do Siege of Boralus yesterday and I had to jump in the water three times to check out how the sharks did it! I’m grateful I will never grow up completely, sometimes.

    I haven’t tried the item, how do you get it? I usually just follow the pack and heal!

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