The day I got rid of an app

I’ve mentioned before that I play the Activision/Blizzard/King game Candy Crush.  I have had the game through Facebook for years, I have even had the app on my phone.  It has been convenient to have early in the morning while I am sitting in my chair and want to escape the news stories, and real life issues for a few minutes.  When it was just a King Games product the app and the Facebook version were synced, what ever level you were on would match, any bonuses you had were available on each.  I mentioned that on the app commercials were starting to pop up, do you want a bonus spin?  Watch this 15 second commercial.  Need a little extra help? Here is a 30 second commercial.  Initially it wasn’t too bad, maybe popping up once in say 5-6 games played.  The last few days?  Every single game on the app leads off with or ends with a commercial.  So today I pressed down on the app on my phone and deleted it.  If I want to play it I will do so through Facebook.  And if Activision starts pushing advertising through to there also?  Buh By.

I only mention this today because I know that in the deepest recesses of Anaheim, or wherever the board for Activision/Blizzard resides, someone is trying to figure out how to implement advertising into Diablo mobile.  And if they are reading this, I will just say right now, save the millions of development costs figuring out how.  I will no longer play any game, through an app, or the PC that includes retail advertising.  There are hundreds of games out there hoping to get my attention.  You are just making it easy to say goodby.

One thought on “The day I got rid of an app

  1. I hate apps with adds too. I do not use our tablet much, its mostly for our boy to get used to the interface so he´s ready for it when he starts school, but, I always choose the apps without adds, if I can. I even pay for it, to avoid them.

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