Last night I went along with the guild on the new raid, and they were starting Heroic.  The first boss only had a wipe or two, I got Azerite Power and 10 Breath of Bwonsamdi.  The second, a crafting reagent for making higher end gear is worthless to me since to get the recipe that requires it, I will need to run so many Heroic Dungeons and complete the previous raid of Uldir, that it won’t happen.  Perhaps in a few years when I can solo the raids, but for the foreseeable future, it is just another thing taking up bag space.

The 10,600 was my average DPS over 18 or 19 wipes on Grong.  As far as I could tell, I did as well as I possibly could, only once or twice I dies to just moving in the wrong direction at the worst time to avoid a pool of fire on the ground.  Everyone said I did fine, yet in my mind I did poorly because I was near the bottom for damage and DPS, and while we did have one wipe at 18%, the majority were around 50%.  I do not see any way to increase the damage I do, the only times it dipped lower than that was when I got targeted 3 time for when the Tank gets tossed at you.  For me there is a high level of mechanics to be aware of, a lot of things need to be called out, and one mistake or death due to just a bad spot for things to happen, means just wiping the raid.  And if I am being brutally honest, the raid was not exciting, I did not have the desire to get in there to beat the bad guys, it was a couple of Alliance NPC’s to beat the first fight, and a big Monkey the second.  Couple that with the fact that playing my Shadowpriest felt boring as hell to play, a tip for you Warcraft Developers, the design for Shadowpriests is not fun, it is entirely to methodical, you need to be spot on in your build up and shift to Void Form, and 100% on the mark to maintain in an environment where you need to continually move and swap targets.  The class has no soul left.  So thanks for that.  Oh, but I do have class fantasy I guess because I am a garish collage of swirling purple that is difficult to look at.

So tonight, even though I would rather just not bother logging in, I will group up again, will go let a giant monkey thing beat on me because he gets angry real fast, and then I don’t know.  This experience has left me so apathetic towards instanced content, that I honestly have no desire to even see the story conclusion in LFR in the next couple of weeks.  I may just leave the quest to defeat Jania undone.

Oh, and having over 1,200 gold in repairs, going through 3,000 gold worth of potions, 20+ food buffs, and all of the runes I have collected didn’t help any. Raiding with members of your guild should be exciting, you’re getting in there to beat the bad guy looking to destroy the world. This experience was not even close. The people in guild are great, the laundry list of mechanics to track made it overwhelming to the point that it was not fun, it was just a series of do or die things to avoid.


4 thoughts on “10,600

  1. Oh, I am actually looking forward to the raid, planning to do LFR tonight. I´ve looked into the lore behind each boss to get more immersed, and it seems to have helped me out. Hazelnuttygames have these super easy quick guides too. Getting seperated from your Class is very discouraging though, I am sorry it´s still the case for you.

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  2. Having been in the new raid now three times, I am starting to at least like it way more than Uldir. But we have only done 6/9 N and 0/9 H. But you perfectly describe the problem with Blizz’s current raid design philosophy: Pile on a massive number of mechanics and make them so close in execution that even one minor mistake by one player will wipe the raid. This is design of, by, and for professionals. It is NOT design for the majority of WoW players, not even for the majority of casual raiders. It is not fun. The only remaining fun in raids for me is the social aspect, the team feeling and the enjoyment of being with a group you know and like. That part still outweighs the un-fun parts for me, but it is getting closer with each raid tier.

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    1. I went in for a second night. We tried Grong on Heroic a few more times but it’s a DPS check and we aren’t there. So they did a fresh reset to Normal. The first boss and Grong go down pretty easy when most of the raid is in Heroic or higher Uldir gear. The next 3? I died prior to having to run the maze which seeing while taking a dirt nap gets a big nope, I can’t do that. The next? Died in a hallway and just saw a hallway of fire while everyone killed the boss. And fighting the Loa? Wow. This was only on Normal, and I’m ready to walk away. I’m sure they will make an attempt to get me to come in again, but that was not enjoyable.


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