The game is not located in that folder

When I logged out Wednesday evening, there was a minor patch that installed for World of Warcraft.  It was nothing new, I had seen patches pop up many times over the years, normally it is a hotfix, or they are pushing through a repair to the game client.  I let it install, and turned off my computer.  Yesterday evening I went down to our computer room and fired up my PC figuring I might see if Darkshore was back in Horde hands, or if there were any Emissary Quests that offered 380 rewards, or ones where I was close the 10,000 rep mark again.  When I clicked on the desktop launcher I was met with the Install button.  I have seen this before, a minor patch disrupts where the Desktop app thinks the game is located, you just find the folder and pat it on the head and say there there program, it’s OK, I got you sorted out.  Except it told me there was not game in that folder.  OK, maybe I clicked on the wrong folder, maybe I hit the Beta folder from several expansions ago, or the PTR one from Cataclysm.  So I made sure I had the right folder, and once again got the same error message.  So this time I followed the error message link to their database, which recommended that I run the game manually from the exe file in the folder, that will fix the problem, but it still brought up the same error message.  So I looked into the settings on the desktop launcher to see if maybe it had changed a default location.  Nope, that looked OK to me.  So I went looking for the repair tool.  No luck, in fact doing a few things I was told that there were no Blizzard games on my computer.  Wait what? At this point I was getting frustrated, and just clicked on the Install button to see if maybe it would patch a missing file.  I started a download of 56 gigs.  I sat there for over an hour watching the bar slowly fill, once when it gave me a notice the game was playable, that’s a laugh by the way, I tried to log in and all I saw was an empty game.  Buildings with no one around, an indication there was a flight master on my map, but nobody there.  So I logged out again and sat there reading Facebook while it slowly installed, and I thought of all the people I know that have data plans where they dread getting a major patch because they need to find a friend so they can hook up their computer to download a patch.  And this was not even a patch, this was a huge chunk of data to install the game.  And when I finally got it done and logged in?  Al of my game settings had been reset, I was met with blaring music and sound of people getting on mounts.  I just put all of it at 0, I was fed up, I just logged out and went to bed.

While I was driving in this morning, I thought about last night, thought about my recent foray into the new raid, about the game in general, the story direction, and I came to a conclusion,

World of Warcraft?

Image result for im just not into you

For me currently its an OK game.  I know a lot of people are excited and having a great time, but the same could be said for Super Mario Brothers, or any number of old games, there are people out there enjoying games, and while I do enjoy the game, it is just not working for me at the moment.  Yeah sure I will stay subbed, as much as I hem and haw about dissatisfaction with the game I have never unsubbed in almost 10 years.  But I have to wonder to myself, am I just having to reinstall the game one more time from saying nope, that’s it, I’m done.  I think I am.  It has gotten to a point where there are so many problems that just aren’t worked out, so many hints at changes in the future that never happen, so many nights of looking at the guild interface and cringing that it may never see any updates, that the one class I found in the game I grew to love will never get a good look for design beyond, it works for top players, so get gud you noob.



5 thoughts on “The game is not located in that folder

  1. Wow, that was an odd bug, or whatever it was.
    I find there is so much to do in game, but a lot feels like keeping us busy. A bunch of new toys in seasonals, the achievement system, etc.
    Data plans, is that still a thing in US? On broadband?

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    1. On top of all that the reinstall ended up inside the existing Warcraft folder. When I logged in finally I had no add on programs. Just the default game. It took some finagling to separate the two and copy files to get it back to where it was. I still need to adjust graphics settings and sound.
      I believe they use their cell phone as a WiFi hot spot.

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention it, but have you ever tried any other MMORPGs? My #1 advice to any long-time WoW player who’s feeling disgruntled with the game is to give something else a go for a while. With pretty much all of these games being at least free to try these days, you can’t lose anything other than a bit of time and bandwidth. Maybe you’ll find that another game can provide what you’re missing in WoW, or maybe it will just make you miss all the things you enjoy in WoW and make you realise how much you still love it… it’s a win-win either way. 😉

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  3. Shoot, tech issues always frustrates me heavily!

    Aw, well maybe a break is what you need. But oh, dear Marathal, don´t chase the Paragon chests. I can imagine that really burns peoples passion out fast, no matter who they are! Do things you find fun. And if the newest content is that, then perhaps renew the sub once new content is out 🙂

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