Going to be an interesting day

In this day and age it does not take long for news to spread, especially news that involves our gaming world.  This was in my Facebook feed this morning,


The first thing I did was check to see if this was just a case of mistaken identity, someone with the same name, I also checked to see if this was another fake news site, and asked a few people if they could verify.  Apparently it is true.  I do hope that all gaming studios that are associated with Elvine make a statement very soon.  All I can see is World of Warcraft, and sex with a minor.  I do see that his web page has been suspended.  I did not know him personally, nor do I think I ever followed him on Twitter or anywhere else, but I am sure there were many that do or did.  It is going to be interesting to see how our “Community” reacts to this, whether people come out in support, or how many of those that will jump on the “He tried to do that to me” band wagon.  How people choose to react and behave at times like this really show you who you should be following and looking up to.

I’ve mentioned in the past about “influencers” and how their livelihoods can be gone in an instant. Even if it comes out that it was a mistake, that they identified the wrong person, their career in the gaming industry is over.

I’ve already seen some of the businesses posting that they have been removed from the company. It is a shocking thing to hear about someone in gaming. I am sure Justice will be served, and they will do time in jail.


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