The worlds first race

I don’t know how I really feel about the spectacle of the worlds first race.  Sure I was hoping Limit would pull out the win, it was looking like they might just do that, and a part of me wonders if there wasn’t some back room dealings that occurred to ensure Method won.  That is pure speculation on my part, and not based on any knowledge or information.  I can honestly say I did not watch any of the race to be the first in the world to down a raid boss on Mythic level, it isn’t something that really interests me when I cannot find the drive or motivation to even step back into the raid.  These are players that play the game not only at a different level than the rest of the world, these are professionals, with corporate sponsors that are paid to play the game.  In comparison it is like seeing the New England Patriots compete against a bunch of High School football teams, or say the United States or Canadian Olympic Hockey teams playing against a Jamaican team.  Certainly there is a slim chance that the underdog will beat the powerhouse team, but honestly I really don’t think any team will.  I read through a bunch of their feed, and actually laughed at some of the things I saw.  In long marathon sessions our players reduce the chance of injury because they are using the Brand X wrist rest, have you seen the new Method official team jerseys? You can order one now.  They have all of the latest and best performing computer equipment, the location they played from looked like a battle bunker.  I would not be surprised if in the future you don’t see mini advertisements like, this hour of competition brought to you by Red Bull.  Red Bull, when you need that extra boost in your performance at the critical phase of a fight.  No, to me the true players are those that log into the game on a potato computer on a dial up connection or satellite, that communicate with others through the in game chat, or some other means, with friends that are located all across the country with high latency, that maybe get a boss or two down in Heroic difficulty.  Absolutely the guys in Method, and Limit, and the dozen or so other guilds that were fighting to be number one are some of the best players in the world, but to my mind, they are also paid professionals, and it is their job.

I am not trying to diminish the enthusiasm of those that enjoy watching these competitions, I am sure they are as exciting as watching a Football game, Baseball game, Soccer match, even your local high school team playing for a championship.  For me, it is not something I care to watch.  Guess it is just the old man in me speaking out about the kids playing the videa games as a career.


6 thoughts on “The worlds first race

  1. One of the more unique bits of WoW world firsts is that the raids themselves will be nerfed/balanced before “regular folks” get a chance to see the last boss. So in effect, the content played now is not the content that others will see in say, 2 weeks. Using the sports analogy, it’s as if the hockey rink was made smaller, and the nets bigger for other people to try and replicate.

    I’m sure there are parallels, but I’m drawing a blank at any other PvE event that draws this much attention.

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    1. Yeah, that is also a bit condescending on Blizzards part. Ok, now that the real players have completed our current game, here is the easier version for you casuals.

      It occurs to me also that once they nerf the content, Method and the like can start selling runs for millions of gold.

      Have to wonder, if having corporate sponsors, and being a business, does Method just buy gold from the cash shop? Which gets me heading down the path of “did Blizzard legitimize selling gold” as a means for the top guilds to fund competition. They certainly can’t sell hundreds of millions of gold runs to pay for the worlds first race. So where does the gold come from.

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      1. A point too is, should Blizzard manipulate the raid during the competition.

        Back in my day when we had video game competitions, you played the machine that was there. There wasn’t any tuning made, you played the same machine everyone else did. There wasn’t an advantage to having a better computer or connections, or even mathematicians writing your weak aura codes. You played the out of the box game or machine. It was all skill and luck.

        Personal opinion is the released encounter should stand as is, unless it’s an unknown bug that allows a group to cheat a mechanic.

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      2. If posts are accurate, Limit mentioned that they make ~50m gold in 2 hours for mythic runs.

        Method took ~350 pulls to get Jaina, if I recall. Not sure how their consumables/repair fun works out, but that should be something like 2k per player, per pull – so let’s round that to 50k per pull. Jaina alone cost them ~17m gold. Split runs and all that fun probably brings this closer to 50m.

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