A 50 iLvL upgrade should not feel like a downgrade

The other day I did a set of Emissary quests.  Complete 4 quests in the opposing factions zone, or in Arathi Basin.  I chose Arathi because I can fly from quest to quest, and there are usually a lot of people there flying around killing rares.  Its relatively simple to swoop in to get the needed kill, then fly off to the next.  It took me perhaps 10 minutes to complete the quests from the point I took the portal, to when I turned the quest in for my reward.  I got a pair of 420 titan forged wrists, which were a huge upgrade from the 370 I had.  50 points raised me up to iLvL 381, and for a moment I was happy.  Then I looked at the secondary stats, I gained a lot of Crit, lost Mastery, gained a lot of Versatility, and lost so much Haste that I dropped down 2% from 15% to 13%.  And I looked at the stats on my character, and thought, why do they do this.  Why do they put stats on gear that benefit other classes, and keep pushing junk on us.  I don’t buy the,

If you keep farming for the gear eventually you  will get a good piece, and then you will feel like it is a great reward.

Pardon my language, but I call bull shit Ion, or whoever came up with the stat randomization feature for secondary stats.  That big of a gear upgrade should be exciting and make me want to go tackle more bad guys, not get pissed off at the game and logging out.  You claim that it is difficult to maintain balance of classes, here is a clue.  Stop creating new stats and variables that make it so impossible to figure out what is or isn’t an upgrade without spending time running thousands of sims on your character.  You have the tech in place to switch stats based on the class spec a person is playing, just expand the tech to adjust secondary stats based on the persons class, and get rid of the stats that just don’t work.  Your design philosophy that, “Sorry you didn’t get a good piece of gear, better luck next time” has gone beyond being an irritation.

That’s about all I want to say.  I considered just disenchanting it for the Titan Residium, but the 12 I would get, when I need hundreds to thousands just made me look at it and say why bother, I will just equip it and continue playing what little I do, and continue to not bother doing dungeons, raids, Island Expeditions, Professions, PvP, Warmode, Pretty much all of the features of the expansion.


One thought on “A 50 iLvL upgrade should not feel like a downgrade

  1. That sucks! And remind me once again why my gaming joy is enhanced by being this casual. Not that I ignore stats entirely, but I just go by, item increase = upgrade, and no more thoughts are put into it.

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