What if they just pulled the plug

While I saw the Bloomberg financial story about Activision cutting jobs and restructuring, I don’t think it will mean they pull the plug on WoW. But it does occur to me that other things may come to pass. They could easily announce that Vanilla WoW is not longer happening, they could say that Battle for Azeroth is the final Expansion. Or that in two years they are closing it all down.

So if you knew, there was an end, would you try to do everything you have ever passed on, spend all the gold you may have saved to buy all the toys or mounts you thought too expensive, or would you give it all away and say farewell.


12 thoughts on “What if they just pulled the plug

  1. For all its decline, WoW is still a big money maker, and a regular one at that, still holding on to the subscription model. It isn’t 2012, billion dollar a year income time any more, but it still probably makes more money than any three other MMORPGs you care to mention combined.

    The warning sign that income has really dipped will be a transition to a free to play model.

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  2. I think I would continue playing like I do now. And visit some of my favorite places too, before I no longer am able to. Honestly I would have a hard time imagine my life without Wow, despite being able to play so little! It has been there for over 30% of my life. How about you? 🙂

    The restructure and cut backs and store mounts worry me, but more in a, I worry the game will change radically, and all who dislike it can just play Classic, kind of way.

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    1. Probably just play the way I currently am, I’d find a nice retirement spot for my character. There’s a cabin on a lake with a dock near Undercity. Maybe log in every so often until they turn off the lights.

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  3. I can’t even think about not having WoW it just makes me feel sad, it would be like losing a dear friend. And then ofc there would be actual friend casualties because my guildies are kinda my chosen family now and I couldn’t be without them. I can probably be happy on catching up content for a fair while anyhow as long as the realm is still up. I wouldn’t like to see it free to play though, these games always just involve a lot of waiting for things and frustration ><

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  4. While I still have a nostalgic connection to WoW I’m fine to not play it again. Also fine to start playing it again if it has a better expansion. Such an on again, off again relationship with the game that during extended “aways” I barely think about it. Bit when I am engaged with the game I am.

    I had a little favorite cabin as well, quite like that idea with my Druid who had been the main part of my WoW journey.

    I expect it will be around in one form or another for another decade. Heck, if EQ can do it…

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