What if World of Warcraft was all about the story

What if they decided for the next expansion that they were backing off all of the competitive aspects, the worlds first races, modifying the various difficulties for dungeons and raids, and instead focused more on character and story development.

Let’s say the next expansion has the usual, new zones, new factions, all the basics, but with these changes.

Daily/World quests reverted to a max of 20 a day.

Upon reaching friendly with a faction you are awarded a tabard that you can wear to earn 10% additional rep while doing dungeons and world content in that zone.

A return of Justice and Valor currency that can be used to purchase gear of a level comparable to a Heroic dungeon, or Normal raid with Justice points, and for Valor, equivalent to Mythic +0, and Heroic Raids. These would all be set pieces with fixed stats, no sockets.

Crafting professions would no longer require materials available only in dungeons or raids, however, an increased chance for those items would exist in the dungeons and raids.

Upon release of the second tier of the expansions content, the previous tiers armor can be increased in level by up to +15 by upgrading with Valor points. A new vendor that would sell superior gear comparable to the current tier, provided a player had earned Revered or higher with all the factions, and completed the chapters for all of the zone quests.

A new item added, The Impenetrable Boulder of Concealment. 2 hour cool down, 10 minute duration, the player assumes the size and shape of a large rock, preventing them from being attacked or killed while in this form. Can only be used while not in combat. We all have had that interruption happen, the phone rings, we want to get something to drink, someone wants to ask us a question, we need to tab out to look something up. This would allow us to step away and not have to worry about losing progress or coming back to a corpse.

All classes to have two viable methods of play, a primary that has a higher skill set requirement, and a secondary that allows for a more average player to be reasonably competent with no more than a 10% difference in potential.

No more bring the class, no more carrying multiple sets of armor based on your current spec choice. No more secondary stats that are not necessary to the class. There should only be two primary stats, and three secondary, or rework versatility to be the single stat that gives an equal increase to the usable secondary stats.

A reworking of the entire guild structure. Cap raised to 2500, or kept at 1000, but allowing entire accounts to count as 1 person. An additional bank tab added. A return to weekly bonus for players doing content. A return of Mass Summons, reworking the guild UI.

These are some ideas I had, what things would you like to see.


I thought about Raiding and how there should be some form of more difficult content that offers a reward for completing, and perhaps a toy or appearance, maybe a recolor mount, or title.  Upon completing a full Heroic clear of the raid you are awarded a key to unlock a higher difficulty encounter, the raid can unlock individual fights that can be completed at a higher level of difficulty, the catch is that all of those in the raid must have a key.  I am sure a great deal of higher level raiding guilds and groups will cry foul at not being able to sell runs for this, but to my mind a part of the problem with the game is that there are many that try to use other players as a source of income.  Certainly there are the high level guilds that sell runs for huge amounts of gold, but there are also the spammers that populate every server posting the same message, selling full clear from top raiding guild, PST for info, and they will reply to you with a link to go to add them on Discord, where they will link you the information on how to get your run for cash.  If that ability gets removed from the game, I would hope that things would improve.

6 thoughts on “What if World of Warcraft was all about the story

  1. Flying once you complete all zone chapters. The more repetitive stuff, the more need for flying to avoid burn out. Then again, the cap on dailies, I love – and the design you describe is less repetitive.

    How to keep those that play from morning to night entertained though?

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  2. Most of the changes sound to me like a “refocus on the more casual player” rather than being about story per se. Not saying I disagree with them mind, I’d love Blizzard to stop spending so much of its collective effort on the 10% or whatever that does Mythic raids and to start putting out more open world content on a vaguely reasonable time-frame. Look at ArenaNet or even Daybreak to see just how much more content other MMOs can receive in a year.

    A real focus on story would as you stated have the next expansion leave characters and systems unchanged, no new Azerite equivalent for example. Just zones, quests and a good story to guide us through them. Dungeons and raids of course as well, with various difficulties but not the usual round of class mechanic resets that is the norm. Assuming that the devs could re-balance resources to produce more content as a result it’d be a net win for anyone who likes questing or even group content (if the expansion came with more raid tiers for example), but then devs tend to be quite specialised so there’s no guarantee fewer system overhauls would actually lead to more new content.

    In a complete fantasy Blizzard might even try the old copy-but-improve-on model they used to do so well and take the Living Story model from Guild Wars 2 or the Knights of the Fallen Empire model from SWTOR and break an expansions down into a big chunk of initial content followed by substantial regular (bimonthly?) updates. Like how they used to have very regular content patches in the 1.0 and 2.0 eras of the WoW. That would give players a lot more story content to keep them active for longer. The feast then famine model of the last few expansions doesn’t work so well if you’re not a hard core raider or PVPer in my opinion. I sub for the new expansion, am done in max 2 months and then unsub again waiting for the next big content patch…

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  3. You realize that you just described Wrath of the Lich King? With bits of raid attunement from Burning Crusade?

    That’s the part that is really ticking off the long time players. The systems they’ve had in the past worked just fine, yet they were removed and replaced with a slot machine.

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    1. Inadvertently yes. There was a lot of good in Wrath, I was a fan of the Cata tabard system, not gating recipes and gear though. I think crafters should all have their own type of disenchant, say a Tailor can take apart a piece of cloth gear for some cloth.

      I think a big mistake was removing the daily quest cap, and some blame on our part for believing it was required to do them all every day, and also the introduction of Repeatable world quests for rep. Having a few new quests pop up at intervals once you have completed a zone would be fine, but the paragon rep leads to burnout. I see that little icon on the map, go do 4 quests, you can get a piece of 385 gear, or 2,000g. And I feel compelled to do it because it will be gone in two or three days. There should be a quest hub you can visit to get a few gather, kill quests that remain until you do them.

      Oh, and I certainly would do away with Ahead of the curve.


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