Some days

There are the occasional days when I will take a glimpse at what people are saying on social media.  You don’t actually need to subscribe to social media to read what people say, only to interact with them.  I occasionally do so to remind myself that while there are a handful of people I do miss interacting with, there are also those that don’t seem to grasp what they tell others to do that they are not willing to do themselves.  And that is perfectly ok.  Everyone has an opinion, and social media is a soap box for all to stand upon.  I may not agree with what some say, I may not even agree that they have a right to say what ever they want, but they are free to say what they wish, I just don’t have to read it.  In 50 years when historians look back on what moments best described a culture, they will look at this era and shake their heads in wonder how we all were not physically tearing each other apart, since we seem to do it so well verbally.  Over the years I had many conversations with people, and I enjoyed the time I was there.  But the reality is that some have become that which they took issue with years ago.  We all evolve, and our hopes and dreams changes as we grow older, the demands people make today of those of us 20-30 years older than them are no different than those we made of those older than us.  It is a cycle of life.  I just wish some would realize that just because you say it on the Internet, is not the same as going to town meetings, contacting your congressman or senator.  When you look at the demands you make for change, keep in mind that in 20 odd years, the next generation will be demanding that you make changes to suit them also.

Here is a thought for you, what if in 20 years they say that being connected to social media 24/7 is destroying the world and that it needs to be eradicated.  Will you shut off your smart phone and disconnect?  I highly doubt it.

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