Guess who’s back


All I am seeing all over the Warcraft groups I belong to is,

Image result for Hati warcraft

Hati’s Back.  And Hunters all across Azeroth are rejoicing.

I’m happy that an aspect of a class that had meaning to a great many people has been put back into the game.

Now I have to get myself ready to deal with that cursed dagger again.

Image result for xalatath dagger

Not really looking forward to having this back in the game.  It got so annoying for me during legion I turned all dialog down to zero in the interface.  But I guess some times things have to get put into the game in order to make the story flow.

4 thoughts on “Guess who’s back

    1. Yeah, after the 7th or 8th time in an evening hearing,

      Xal’atath whispers: Did you feel it cease to exist?

      Xal’atath whispers: Every little death helps.

      Xal’atath whispers: Boring.

      Or the comments every time you were in the class hall. I think after a week into Legion I shut it off.

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