The opposing faction does not a villain make

I was thinking about expansions since the point I started playing 10 years ago. We had;

The Lich King


The Sha of choose your vice, that became Garrosh

That expansion we don’t like to talk about

Queue Khadgar’s voice, The Burning Legion

And now?

Petty infighting between ourselves over chunks of the planet so we can make better weapons to destroy each other, and better armor to protect ourselves from the weapons to destroy each other, that will mean we need better armor….

I look around the world and see death and destruction everywhere. Any land we set foot in, we leave in ruin. And that applies to both factions. I don’t buy the argument, that’s how the story is written. Write a different story. I use to have hope that there would be an ah ha moment, but the plots are so obvious that it feels like they picked up unused plot points from previous expansions to get through this.

Horde leader bad guy, horde forces rise up against bad guy, bad guy gets imbued with something powerful and becomes super difficult to kill bad guy, armies of Azeroth band together to defeat them only to reveal another foe that’s worse. I think Cataclysm was the last original idea they had, all since have revolved around the same general theme repeated over and over. Hmmm, Mists of Pandaria we have Org as a raid, BfA the Horde pyramid is the raid, Garrosh/Sylvanas horde leaders that were forced into the leadership roles. I’m sure if I were to sit down and do a comparison I could find more.

At this point it would not surprise me to see Thrall show up to take back the horde to bring honor back.

For a long time I’ve felt disconnected from the story. There is nothing compelling me to rush home and log in. I don’t think that there is s huge disconnect from the developers and us. I think they are without an internal leader that has the idea of the story, helping shape the design. Christie Golden May be a great writer, but she is coming from a venue of having months to form a story into a few hundred pages. Warcraft is an ever evolving tale told from multiple perspectives. I do not place any blame at her feet, all of this has been in development long before she started. I think what is missing are the story tellers. Those people that you can give a general idea to that can form a tale that tugs at your feelings for 30 minutes, that gives quest objectives a meaning, that when complete you want to go find more wrongs to right.

I feel like I’m punching a clock, go here, collect 15 of those things, go kill that 1 guy over that way, gather 40 of those, come back here and I’ll give you something you don’t need…….again.


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