I will wait for everyone else’s take on 8.2 preview

All I can grasp from what being relayed to WoWhead is its too much. I’m overwhelmed and don’t even want to look.

It’s not going to fit into the amount of time I have to play, and it’s making me anxious just looking at the time commitment for it all.

Raise the necklace to level 65. Wow. That won’t be happening for this player. I’m almost to 42, 55 and 65 may as well be the next expansion.


6 thoughts on “I will wait for everyone else’s take on 8.2 preview

    1. I don’t know. It almost reads like, “hey, glad you enjoyed Battle for Azeroth Episode 1, welcome to the sequel expansion, Battle for Azeroth Episode 2”.

      Not thrilled with losing water walking on my Water Strider, and having to spend money to get it back, and that if I replace that buff with something else, it’s consumed. Not a fan of the extended leveling system for the necklace, and we are now back to having to level companions,30 levels each on 3, so you know the new zones are going to be more dangerous if they are giving us a follower. I’ve lost any hope that I will ever feel like I have progressed enough to explore around without fear. They keep raising the bar on the world, and I’d rather just sit in town any more. They may honestly feel it’s necessary for the health of the game. But it’s driving me away.

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      1. I hear what you are saying. It is my hope to be able to just pick whatever I cherish doing from it. I personally plan to go back to Kul Tiras as soon as I get flying and start there; I have left a lot of things undone because that was my plan.

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