I think I’m gonna call Ion a hypocrite

The same goes for minority-targeted rewards – such as being able to afford a spider mount that costs 2m gold, I suppose. If everyone wanted a particular PvP mount, for example, then it would have to be offered via all minority pursuits in the game: raiding, questing, reputation, etc. “But doing that would dilute the reward itself,” he said.

I recall several times where guaranteed mount drops have been removed or lowered to a RNG percentage drop that they are practically impossible to get. The argument being that if it was important to you to have you should have gotten it by doing the content while current. And things like not diluting the reward that people worked hard to get.

I guess what he really means is that rewards for raiders should always remain special.

So what about the Water Strider Ion, what about all the time people put into getting the rep needed to be able to purchase a mount that had water walking. Are you saying that it’s not the same? How can you say that a mount acquired by downing a boss on heroic should be more of a unique reward as compared to one I got by doing a different task. I’m not asking for access to PvP mount rewards, not asking for access to mounts that are rewards for Mythic raiding. I am saying that removing the sole reason for grinding the rep necessary to purchase a mount that can walk on water is removing a reward from the game that I worked hard to get.

It’s happened again and again, put in the work to level a guild to 25, only to have the effort and rewards diluted to being practically meaningless by giving anyone that creates a guild the same rewards. Getting a mount that walks on water gives players that invested the time to get it an advantage, let’s give it to everyone on all of their mounts.

If you are opening the door to making a reward for getting something meaningless, then you better be prepared to answer those asking for mount drops to be put back in old content raids.


Saw this Blue Post also.

A small clarification to our plans with Mount Equipment–

Hitting level 100 on one character will unlock this system. Once unlocked, the system will be available to all characters, and the equipment pieces themselves will require level 20. If your goal is to have waterwalking while leveling, you can just enable the waterwalking Mount Equipment (there will be one available via Anglers reputation that will be bind-on-account), and it’ll work exactly as before, with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.

Gee, let me think, any brand new to the game player that uses a character boost to make something over level 100 automatically has access to this feature.  Are they just making every aspect of the game below max level content available to anyone that picks the game up and installs it for the first time?  Or is this a design decision to get new players to visit the cash shop to buy $100 worth of gold so they can equip themselves with all the conveniences that so many of us have spent years acquiring.  Don’t try to hide these changes behind “Exciting new feature!!!!!” Just be honest and tell us the truth.  Sure we will still yell and complain, but at least we will know you are not trying to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge.


7 thoughts on “I think I’m gonna call Ion a hypocrite

  1. I never use the Water Strider at all, but I do wish they would keep its ability to waterwalk and implement the new mount gear. I see no reason to justify nerfing the Strider. What of all the low level players, without access to mount gear?

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