Tin foil hat cat time

Ok, let me put my tin foil hat on and take a walk way out into the land of probably never happen in a million years land.

We see, or at least I’m seeing, friends and people we know, even those we may only know from the blogverse, or social media, either packing their Hexweave bags and calling it quits, or they have gotten to a point where signing up for the rest of this expansion and any beyond are no longer a question they would answer in a heartbeat. I don’t so much see the fallout at the top, or the opposite spectrum where folks are just playing the game in a way they enjoy without any care for whether they are current or not. It seems to be hitting hard in that section of the player base that’s say a little above a one and done LFR, Normal and maybe Heroic dungeon a few times on one character or many, and those that are at the level of a full heroic raid clear during a tier, maybe 1 or 2 Mythic bosses, and keystones in the +5 to +10 ranges. These are the people that are the in between’s. Those not at one side or the other. They don’t do bleeding edge content, but they try to do as much of the current as possible.

So what if they want to drive this group away. What if they don’t care to lose them. Let’s say those at the one end that enjoy the atmosphere are being pushed towards spending their time in Classic, and those at the top are going to be playing a highly difficult, competitive version of what we see now, with Mythic Dungeon Invitationals several times a year, with Arena tournaments, with Mythic raids getting keystones for added challenges. In this new era we will see an increase in sub fees to $25 a month, gold to cash shop will be removed. And some other things going around in my mind.

Hopefully it’s just a bad dream.

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