Crucible of Storms on LFR

Figured today would be a best day since many well equipped people would be running it.  Got in a group on the second boss, they had wiped once.  Two wipes and half the group dropping later?  I joined them.  That was painful, the dungeon journal really does not tell you all that much.  This may be the end of even running tourist mode LFR for me.  I have really decent gear, and the 350 minimum to get in?  You are going to be seeing a lot of rage from people.  I suppose in a few days they will make some tuning adjustments, but it’s no longer worth my time doing.


Image result for crucible of storms uu'nat

After a few minutes thinking about it, I just logged out for the night. Probably won’t log in again until the weekend. It’s very frustrating when you over gear LFR minimums by over 40 points and the drops from there won’t even come close to any kind of upgrade, not even making a dent on the boss with multiple stacks of determination, it’s time to go watch tv.

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