No one is the problem

Sure we all like to think that the problem in gaming or life is either someone else, or ourselves.  It really isn’t any one person or thing.  Our attitudes and goals in life change every year, what was important to us years ago no longer is, but for some others it may not have been but now it is.  Life is an ever evolving thing, we grow up liking bologna and cheese on white bread, and years later can’t stand the taste.  Our taste in movies evolves, our desires for gaming entertainment change.  Even those that design the games we grew up with and loved change too.  What may have seemed fun to them years ago, even silly, has been replaced with more serious tones, deeper meaning, their view has diverged from our own, but that does not make them wrong, or make us right.  We have a difference of opinion.

I read along with my wife’s course for her accounting degree.  I see the discussions on international finance, on what the differences in US-GAAP and IFRS show.  What has become clear to me is that those running things that want to maintain the status quo are living in the dark ages of technology.  They cling to established rules and ideas about how a universal anything, a collective, a group think, is so much better because there are many involved.  What most fail to realize is that there will always be a few people in control, a few countries or governments getting a better hand, more power at the table.  And in this new world where Amazon will likely be the hub for all of our needs, it will not matter what agreements exist between England or France, because they will all want to buy and sell through global distribution companies, will bank through global organizations, our economies will be on a global scale.  The only thing we will be able to maintain is our cultural identity.  So back on track with my line of thinking, just because as you have grown up and realized how life works and that your opinions on what should be right and wrong have changed, it does not mean everyone else has to agree with you.  Is your opinion wrong? Absolutely not, it is however your opinion and just because you may talk louder than others or are perhaps more articulate, does not make it any more right.  What is good or desirable for you may be a burden for another.  And the same goes for our gaming world.  What we may see as a disconnect from the player base, may just be that our tastes and desires are now different, just as those that are designing the game have grown older, or been replaced with younger designers.

No one is at fault.

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