Politicians have discovered social media.

Oh sure there has always been some slight use of social media utilized by political parties, but this past week has been an enormous info dump. I am getting 4-5 emails a day now from Democrats and Republicans begging for money, my Facebook feed is littered with Democrat candidates not only going after Republicans, but even their own. The race for who will get the Democrat nod for President is going to be a blood bath. Even locally a group of Progressive Democrats are challenging the established Democrats and I received mail today from the established pointing out that these people are not who they say, they have drug convictions, lied to get their name on the ballot, be sure you vote column 1 for the real Progressive Democrats.

In all the years I’ve voted, I don’t think I have ever seen this much mud being flung about this early.

Hang on folks this is gonna be really ugly.


6 thoughts on “Politicians have discovered social media.

    1. Oh it’s a blood bath locally. The two freeholder candidates that were taken off the ballot because they submitted fake signatures to get included on the ballot are posting all over our local Facebook groups about how the incumbents have created phantom candidates with a similar party name in an effort to keep them from running. Be sure to write our names in.

      Elizabeth Warrens fundraising campaign wanted to know why I wouldn’t contribute, that the other Democrat presidential candidates Biden, Sanders, etc were all taking money from the big PACs (Political Action Committees) and how only her Champaign was runny only on money from regular middle class people like me. Wouldn’t I reconsider signing up to donate $50, and to commit to future donations.

      It’s funny, Tump won’t have to do anything, they are going to rip each other apart in the next 18 months pointing out how terrible each other is. And voters will just walk away from a party that has lost touch with their constituents.

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  1. I’ve been getting the occasional email from Sanders, though I think most of them get caught in the spam filter these days, as well as occasional text messages. It’s my fault for having donated to his campaign last election. Alas, competition is stiff and I find myself not liking him as much this time around.

    I personally anticipate Biden will come out on top in the primaries. He has a strong record and a well-known name. I do not think, though, that he will be the next president. He probably has the best shot though, since he’s fairly moderate. At least when compared to the people he’s running against.

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