So currently I am back on Twitter.

About a year ago I walked away from Twitter, I had zero desire to ever go back.  It is just not for me any more.  I don’t really have much to talk about daily on the Warcraft front, and even though I see a few names I recognize, I really don’t have the compulsion to check in several times a day to see what is going on.  But I did sign back up.

Three weeks ago a long time friend of my wife’s was in a horrible accident.

Here is a short recap

On April 15th, Victor Mattson was in a tragic accident when a van towing a trailer was impatient to make a left turn across oncoming traffic. He tried to turn in front of the truck that was in front of Victor causing the truck to swerve to avoid being hit. He looked in his rear view mirror because he knew there was no way for Victor to stop in time. And as the trailer cut in front of him, he hit it. Victor’s motorcycle was beyond totaled and he is alive only by the grace of God. He almost bled to death as his leg was almost amputated at the scene. He suffered catastrophic injuries that included traumatic brain injury, 2 broken hands, humerus, shoulder blade, jaw, multiple facial bones, sternum, 6 ribs, pelvic bones and the loss of all of his front bottom teeth and the loss of a leg. He was only recently removed from ICU but due to the traumatic brain injury he is not yet responsive.

As best I can figure out, his motorcycle hit the trailer and flipped over it completely landing on the opposite side.  That he is still alive is a miracle.  He had been briefly moved out of ICU but the following day he was found on the floor unresponsive, and he was moved back into ICU.

I went back to Twitter to share this fundraiser.  For years I did what I could to help others out when they were in bad shape, I donated what I could, when I could.  I do not expect everyone I know now, or knew then to donate to help.  I would appreciate it certainly, even $5 is a help.  I do not expect I will remain on Twitter for much longer, certainly it is a temptation to dive back in, and I am old enough to not really care if anyone makes any “Oh you’re back again” comments.  I do not have the financial resources to just write a $20,000 check, but I have donated more than I could because Victor is a family friend.

Anyway, thank you for reading, please feel free to share the info on any social media platform.  We are all hoping he wakes up and can recover.


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