There’s no place like home


That’s me, sitting by the fire.  Just chilling out in my Garrison because I don’t want to be over in Zul’duzaar.  Everyone in guild is off raiding, all my missions are for trivial amounts of Azerite Power, Darkshore is just a few quests for rewards I don’t need, the Emissary quests are for gold which I have plenty of, I don’t even know if what might be coming in 8.2 is even going to be interesting any more.  I dislike the design of my class, I can kill things without much trouble I guess, but it is either yawn, it’s dead, or what the hell I just died.

Maybe its the loss of so many friends over the years, every few months I see more and more just disappear.  I have fewer battletag names on my list, some haven’t been online in over 2 months.  I only stay subbed anymore to maintain the guild.  I made a promise years ago that I would hold on to make sure it survived.  So here I sit, I make bags, I sometimes go to town, and I live my virtual life next to a cozy fire.


3 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. I mean, if it didn’t sound so depressing then it might actually be nice.

    Different WoWs with different snapshots in time, that just stayed the same, doesn’t feel so bad after enjoying so much of my time in a 1999 emulator that has permanence.

    Letting go of the guild will be hard. You don’t need to be subbed to keep that alive, do you?

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    1. I don’t think anyone would want to run the behemoth that’s it’s become. It’s fairly self sustaining, but still needs someone running it that won’t just kick everyone out.


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