There was a stress test?

I intended to avoid it, but I was curious to see the old talent trees once again. So around 8pm my time I installed it, hit start, had a brief message log in queues were full, and that was it. I sat looking at a screen with no option except cancel. Honestly after this experience, they can ask me to pop in all they want, they could send me a beta invite, I won’t be bothering until August 27th. And when that day comes and I cannot log in? Classic will get tossed on the pile of other Blizzard titles I’m not playing.


3 thoughts on “There was a stress test?

    1. I would think that after 7 expansion roll outs that they would at least be able to offer a stable enough product that you could log in to the character creation screen. My understanding was it was to test server stability, I’ve seen 40 or more comments from people that never got in, but ironically the popular streamers all seemed to get into the game fine.


      1. If those 7 expansion roll outs have taught me anything, it’s that WoW is most definitely *not* able to offer a stable enough product for you to log in 😛

        And from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense to usher popular streamers providing free advertising into a seperate log-in queue.

        I’m not saying I don’t expect Blizzard to have just as many problems upon the actual launch, I’m just pointing out that this makes sense for a test run.

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