My plans for 8.2 come Tuesday based on patch notes.

You can read the patch notes for 8.2 here.

What has just sealed the deal for me was this.

  • PriestShadowAuspicious Spirits now increases Shadowy Apparition damage by 50%. (Note, it was 70% so this is a nerf)
      • Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 9%.
      • Vampiric Touch damage reduced by 9%.
        • We believe damage-over-time specializations that maintain a variety of DoT spells should in general output more damage in encounters with multiple targets than single-target oriented specializations. In addition to measuring class specializations against others, we must also balance them across the entire spectrum of content. Due to the types of encounters in Tides of Vengeance, Shadow Priests were especially strong in some contexts and correspondingly weak in very few situations when compared to similar DoT specializations. As such, we’re slightly pulling back on the abilities that proc Shadowy Apparition, which is the prominent contributor of making Shadow Priests significantly stronger than similar counterparts.

If you do not choose the Auspicious Spirits talent it is a literal smack in the face to players like me.  I will make a statement here Mr. Hazzikostas.

20% reduction to Shadow Apparition damage, 9% to my DoTs, and pulling back on abilities that generate Shadow Apparitions. The Shadow Apparition damage change is 9% less damage from what they were doing.Do not worry about having to balance class design for the current content based on me.  I will not be participating in Island Expeditions, Dungeons, raids, PvP, Pet Battles.  I will log in to help my wife complete what she needs to to stay current, I will log in to make an appearance as GM of the guild, and that is it.  I am fed up with being whipped to the ground because higher skill level players have the ability to skew damage numbers too high, making it necessary to pigeon hole me into having to take a specific set of talents, and making my survivability suffer.  I am not the one out in the world tagging large groups.  The internal choice has been made to design around a specific group of players with a high skill set.  That is no where near to my ability to play, so I am choosing to not bother playing.

Good day to you sir. It is brutally obvious that the team does not care about average players. If they did they could adjust numbers to have diminishing returns as iLvL increased, or establish haste and mastery break points with a lower proc chance at the level worlds first guilds play at. You are punishing those players that are struggling by adjusting the poor to average damage they had, to a point where just walking away from the game is sounding like a good option.


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