I did some guild maintenance last night

For awhile we had a high level of people in the guild. Over 550 unique accounts back when I paid attention to those kinds of things. We were always pushing the 1000 cap, got to a point where new people and Alts had their own rank. Awhile back after a major prune to free up some room, we dropped the guild down to about 900. We’ve had people leave, people join, but it’s not like it was, the guild size has remained around that. Someone was asking how long you had to be in to become a member, I will admit, I fell down on the job doing things like that. And I gave it some thought. Why do I have a tank just for Alts when it’s the same as member. So last night I set out to fix the problem. What really shocked me was how many were alt/new member. Well over half the guild. And as I waded through the list, once again wishing blizzard would do something about the interface, I saw so many people that had not been online in 10+ months, some over a year. This week I’m asking everyone to log into their Alts that they want to keep in the guild, and after a week, those beyond 8 months inactive may find them without a guild. I probably will regret doing this when I see our number drop to 500 or less. The last time I saw the figure recently, there were around 4200 players on my servers. When your guild is over 900, you have almost 20% of the server. That’s just crazy to think about. But it makes sense when I see we are continuing to drop guilds left and right in the raiding scene.

I don’t know what Blizzard May have in store, but I wonder if there will be enough people left to see the big finish.

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