It just isn’t fun

I logged in a little over an hour ago, I went over to kill the new world boss, thinking that certainly I should get something.  I mean the last one I got 750 Azerite Power on a bonus roll, so RNG should be in my favor.  But nope.  Just another 2000g bonus roll wasted for AP.

So, ok, lets get into an LFR run, it’s still the first week, still should be a decent amount of people running it, ok, 14 minute wait time, that’s not too bad, so I sat in town and waited, and waited, saw the wait time go to 29 minutes after I had been in for 15, waited some more, checked again, now 17 minutes, but I had been in for over 25.  That was when I just said screw it and logged out.

This isn’t fun at all.  I have to force myself to log in, I spent about 15 minutes actually doing things, then sat in town tabbed out reading, and when it looked like it was going to take longer than a few minutes?  That was it.  I might log in tomorrow night.  I don’t know.  The activities in the game are no longer exciting, compelling enough that I want to get home and eat dinner right away so I can get logged in.  Not even getting flying when I am probably a few days away is exciting.  That ship sailed months ago.

Maybe this is lots of fun and excitement to others.  To me it is just a monotonous grind.

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4 thoughts on “It just isn’t fun

  1. You sound like you really need a break from the game, and have been for quite some time now to be honest.

    During the past couple of weeks, whenever I had two or three ours to play I played three, sometimes even four games for up to an hour each during that time.
    There’s so much great stuff to play out there, clinging to a game that isn’t fun anymore is a waste of precious lifetime I feel.

    Ymmv of course, just my opinion.

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      1. That’s what I mean though. Imho walk away now and come back when/if things have gotten better. No need to pressure yourself into thinking that you have to either stay or quit for good.

        I have quit Everquest II ‘for good’ at least four times. In the end I always came back. With EVE Online it’s pretty much the same.

        As long as the lights don’t go out you can always return, and I don’t see that happening to WoW anytime soon.

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  2. I’ve been on break. The game has gone all to crap. I’ve taken my stab into Final Fantasy. The story is great, the class designs are fun. It’s not as gimmicky as WoW is.

    That being said, I’m torn on rejoining WoW.

    I miss my raid team pretty heavily, but I can’t stand BFA. 😦

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