Ladies and Gentlemen we have a “real” race coming

Something that occurred to me about the launch of Classic. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, we have a true real race pending. All these years watching the professional teams making challenging content for most of us seem trivial, are for the first time, going to find themselves in the same position as Joe Smith from Brooklyn, as Mary Johnson in a small Midwest town in Nebraska, as 14 year old Thomas from Green Acres South Carolina. No hundreds of millions of gold to throw at power leveling crafted gear, no advantage of having people with all the recipes within a day or two of launch. They are starting like everyone else, with some copper coins, and a backpack. Certainly the will eventually have teams of mules funneling what silver and gold they can farm up, funneling ore, and herbs, and food. But for those first few days, the playing field will be open to anyone.

We all have the resources, the old books identifying areas, old web site info for quests, old knowledge of which routes to take and risks for the biggest rewards. But we are all equal.

I hope Blizzard is watching for any cheating, because I would love to see some unknown player, win the prize.

4 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen we have a “real” race coming

  1. To be honest, I don’t think that this changes anything. The hardcore crowd will be there, and raids will be cleared long before “normal people” will even have reached max level.
    If anything it will be even faster this time around because they know exactly (more or less) what do to and how to do it.

    This is not a question of how much gold, or alts, or gear someone has or doesn’t have, and it never has been. It’s the mindset and the available time hardcore raiders have that makes the things they do possible. It has nothing to do with the game itself.

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    1. Well, I recall reading during this expansion on of the worlds guilds on A52 was buying up everything on the AH regardless of cost. Any BoE, any raw mats, flasks, feasts, etc. the majority of guilds don’t have deep pockets to do something like that for an advantage.

      And like you mentioned, we all know what we need to do, we all know the strategies, what’s involved in the fights. I honestly feel that we may see more than a handful of big names in competition.

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      1. True, of course they use every advantage they have. I’d do the same if I were them.

        But even if they don’t have those they’ll beat everyone else any day of the week in my experience. Like I said, much of it is due to available play time and the mindset to put the game above everything else. Many will take vacation for the launch and play 16+ hours a day. Who’s going to match that? Who’d even want to?

        I’ll be happy if I’m proven wrong on this, but I’m absolutely convinced that once we hear about world firsts it’ll be the same names as ever – if those folks play Classic that is, but I assume they will.

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      2. I’m sure if there is an opportunity to keep their name (brand) out there, and their sponsors, they will be playing like you mentioned. I wonder if Blizz will be paying close attention to gold changing hands. When you read how Method spent 10’s of thousands on repairs for each fight in the current raids, they won’t have guild repairs since there are no guild banks. They will probably have an advantage of outside people funneling materials to them. Going to be interesting for sure.

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