Classic WoW isn’t complex, it’s a challenge.

I got lucky I guess, about 20 minutes after the launch I only had a 90 second log in queue, and was 111th in line.  My wife was about 70 behind me 20 seconds later.  Later in the evening people were reporting they were in the thousands in guild Discord.  It was hard, it was as I remembered things 10 years ago when I started.  So may quality of life changes missing from the game, and I didn’t mind.

So first thoughts: 

The starting area is a dumpster fire right now, only because of the masses of people competing for the same slow re-spawn rate mobs.  Find a spot, watch for where they spawn, hope you get a first swing.  Grouping up with people cuts your XP gains so if you are trying to power level up?  You may need to go it alone.  That said, having to kill X amount of creatures?  Groups are your best bet.  If you need to kill one guy and see 20 people standing in a circle waiting?  You would do better to move along to the next area.  Those couple of copper as a reward won’t mean much in about 2 hours.

General chat:

Was actually pleasant to read.  Oh sure there were a few attempts made by people saying things like anyone that complains is a Classic Baby, which was quickly met with multiple people saying go away, 0/10 for originality, go back to retail if all you want to do is try to troll chat.  I was a bit sad to see that the consensus is that Chuck Norris is no longer chat worthy, he has been replaced by John Wick.  But overall, chat was filled with people offering to make wands for a minimal price, 6 slot bags for a few silver, and lots of people asking to group up for specific quests to farm mobs.  It was a good thing.

Impressions on whats missing:

Not having quest designations on the map was hard to get use to.  We become so familiar with seeing the game a certain way, that we forget how different it was years ago.  I spent some time going to WoWhead, not so much to find where the quests were, but to pull up a map to see where the area I needed to go listed in the quest was since I had not explored that spot on the map.  Having to Shift click a quest to track it, and only being able to track 5 was a long forgotten thing, having quest items take up bag space, not seeing the mobs you need highlighted as you approach, a few other minor inconveniences.

Will I continue to play:

For the time being?  Absolutely, it is more enjoyable to me as a challenge over current retail which I feel is slightly less of a challenge, but has become overly complex to compensate.  Imagine playing Myst, but with things constantly trying to kill you.  There is a fine balance between challenging and complexity, and personally I think WoW has drifted too far to the one direction and that is what may be driving people away.  We all love a challenge, to an extent.  It will be interesting to see how things progress in the coming weeks as many hit level cap, and start looking at the dungeons and raids.

Overall rating:

I will say its 8/10 for a smoother than expected roll out, certainly some growing pains in the starting zones they should have compensated for a little better, but I guess that is part of the experience.

5 thoughts on “Classic WoW isn’t complex, it’s a challenge.

  1. I was logged in before the servers went live and experienced no queue or disconnects. I did get in line to kill a guy, only to realize I wasn’t even on the quest yet! The people in line—and everywhere else—were polite, respectful, and helpful. It was lovely.

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