Are both titles driving us apart


I saw this image this morning.  It really hits home to me.  There is a lot of truth in it, but also it is revealing something to me.  While Retail WoW certainly has all those aspects about it, and certainly has driven a great deal of people away, even before Classic was released, it still has appeal to a good portion of players.  Classic is bringing people back that left recently, even years ago as a return to an old ideal.  It isn’t any better or worse than the current version of the game, it is more a throwback to an old time when we played a much simpler game.

The problem is that even though we have seen a resurgence in players coming back for Classic, we are seeing a drop off in those logged into retail.  Where I might have seen 25 people logged into Retail, now I see 10 and 20 logged in over on Classic.  Blizzard does not really care, they see 30 people logged in, and that is an increase in MaU numbers.  I had another bad evening in Classic, anyone that has been through the Barrens knows that Quillboar feeling.  Single creatures that even a level below you can kill you if you are not ready to pop all of your cool downs and be at full health when you engage.  Even having a partner isn’t much help.  That I have to collect 60 of a thing, and that the drop rate is 1 or 2 off of each?  This is a quest that I took after spending the better part of two evenings dealing with Harpies.  I know that the 5 deaths I experienced, the punishingly long run backs from near half the zone away will not be my last, and knowing so does not make it any easier.  The game takes work, and your improvements are hard fought to get.

It is a change in how you play the game, both have a high level of difficulty, and I am getting through it, but there are days when I look at the above image, and think, the rolls are reversed.


8 thoughts on “Are both titles driving us apart

  1. The thing I realized today is that I am no longer playing p1999 because it is nostalgic, but because it is a straight up great game – I am in places I never was before when I played in the past, it is all new, exciting, and fun.

    The things I appreciate it most are the things most missing from MMOs today (And WoW current encapuslates this).

    Class differentiation and interdependency is a great social feature.I know and fully understand the benefits that each class brings to me whether we duo or group up. I remember how much I loved the Shaman class in WoW until they homogenized it.

    Anyway, will be interesting to see what players land where, and what lessons can be learned. Perhaps there are two distinct communities in WoW and future versions will NOT be able to pander to both. Will see what “wins”!

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  2. I’m amused by hypocritic duality of those who play Classic 🙂

    We hate Blizzard trying to let us admire the scenery of the new expansion from the ground. Classic? It’s sense of the world, and walking is a bliss!

    We hate Blizzard introducing Neri/Akana’s quests where you may grind 30 mantas for 10 fillets. Classic? It has every sense!

    We hate Blizzard for the absense of “class balance”. Classic? Bring us the shittiest player, but he’s playing a paladin with an important buff! If you’re a priest, you’ll never damage, only heal. Immersion! Class flavor!

    We hate Blizzard for LFR queues. Classic? Let’s do nothing and stay in the city for the same hour, yelling out LF tank! Sense of community!

    I could go on forever 🙂

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    1. I think the one aspect I’m liking is that once I am through this quest, that’s it, I never gave to go kill 85 Harpies to collect a beak or 129 Quilboars. I will quest out the hub and move on. There are a few aspects of the current game I prefer, mail system certainly, the guild interface even as bad as it is. More graveyards? As best I can tell there are two in the Barrens, Crossroads and the camp to the south. If you’re questing at an extreme distance, the run back is hard. Getting your body back only to have something respawn on top of you makes it frustrating. Having to do the run 5 times and you’re only 1/3rd of the way through the quest? Screw the Classic experience, are there any level 60’s on that can come over to kill these bastards. Lol.


      1. as to the flying, one thing I have noticed, at least so far, is that Classic is relatively flat. Sure there are mountains, but your objectives are pretty much easily accessible. With Draenor, it was very obvious to me, that they designed a great deal of the landscape, and objectives with flying in mind, and not having it was certainly punishing with having to navigate across half a zone to get around to a point 30 feet from where you started. I am playing my Priest the way I want to in Classic. Yes I am feeling the pain, but I am doing my best to relearn how to play as a Shadowpriest. It is a lot of work.


  3. It’s counterproductive to compare the two as if they were versions of the same thing. They are two different games, appealing to two different audiences. The negativity and competition between the two groups is unfortunate, but it only exists because one group feels threatened by the other. Should one prove radically more commercial than the other, everyone knows their personal preference could suffer as a result.

    If that happens (which I doubt) then that’s just how these things are. I’m sure we’ll cope. More likely, the result wil be a nice uptick in profitability for Blizzard and increased stability for the franchise over the next few months and maybe years. Should be win-win for everyone.

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    1. I see the downside for my guild and server in retail. The server is struggling, my guild was doing ok just doing what we have for years, but these past few months we lost a lot of long term players. People with 10+ years. I have seen maybe 20% come back only to play Classic. We have about 40-50% that are trying to do both and the others have picked one or the other. I can see there coming a tipping point where people decide they can’t do both, and will go with which ever has the majority of their friends. One way or another one side will suffer more, or both equally. I think we are all past that age where we can devote 30 hours a week to each game.


      1. I’d see into it in a couple of months. People who play Classic only would have killed raid bosses by this time, so that will leave them with a What’s Next? idea.

        The game is barely two weeks old, so.

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  4. Complaining about Wow classic reducing the player count on retail is nonsense.
    Classic and retail are two different games, it’s like complaining that FFXIV also stole players from retail.
    Those players would have moved from retail to any other fotm mmo anyway.

    Wow classic is successful because it answers a need from the playerbase for a “hard” questing experience, sense of community, slow pace and challenge. (basically, your picture yeah) Such “recipe” can’t be found on any other game at the moment.

    Will it last? I think so. Considering you need 2 months to reach max level if you play with a “30+ years old schedule”, then there’s a lot of dungeons to do, crafting to raise, rerolls to lvl up, battleground to conquer. I think you can also cram in a raid or two per week, even if you are not hardcore, Molten core is quite short.

    A good point of classic is also the fact that any progress you do on your character feels persistent. There’s no “reset everything”, no “next patch you can vendor all your stuff” in sight. (it will probably come with TBC one day though…) The feeling of persistence is a strong incentive to keep playing and gather stuff.

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