So I ran a poll

Mostly I was curious, from those that wandered over to play in Classic, how many would jump back over to Retail once 8.3 dropped and to stay.

It was a bit surprising to me that the results for those that would for a time but eventually go back to Classic were as high as they were. I get the appeal of Classic, and when you consider these numbers plus all those that came back to the game just because of Classic, it seems like it is a fairly well received success.

Obviously it doesn’t appeal to everyone, and one is not better than the other. Both have things people enjoy, and I’m hoping that both continue to be successful.


3 thoughts on “So I ran a poll

  1. I’m in the “still in retail” camp, I am playing more Classic than Retail but I have friends who want to achieve stuff in the latter still or who do not want to play Classic so playing both is necessary for me. I’m not sold on the “Classic is better” default blogosphere opinion either – they are very different games but can happily play both with friends. If I’m soloing I’d be in EQ2 or ESO at the moment so neither game has its hooks that deeply into me…

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