Sorry, I can’t rez, I didn’t have enough money to learn the spell. And other musings on Classic.

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We forget over the years how much different things were 15 years ago. And for a great deal of us, we never knew what it was like originally because we started playing much later.  For me, I started mid Wrath.  It was not long after I hit level 80 that the dungeon finder was introduced.  My wife had played for 8 months and had earned a decent amount of gold so getting at least 14 slot bags at the beginning was no big deal, learning the spells and getting the training I needed for weapons was not even a thought.  You just had the money to do so.

With Classic it is frustrating, and yet invigorating that you really need to work for what you have, you don’t just arbitrarily click your way through the list of profession recipes, you aren’t taking every spell available from the trainer.  You have to think, need to pick and choose what you really need.

The title was prompted by my wife’s run through Wailing Caverns when things went bad and she got killed on a bad trash pull.  Now for anyone that has been out and about in the Barrens Horde side knows, if you die, there is a considerable run back to get your body.  Add to that having to navigate WC is added frustration.  So when the Druid healer in the group apologized because they didn’t have enough money to learn a B-Rez, and the Warlock apologizes because they weren’t high enough level to get a summons, you just have to chuckle at the difference in how the game was played back then to what we play today.

Right now I have a back pack and four 8 slot bags.  At any time I could have 7 or 8 quest items taking up space, a fishing rod and hearthstone takes up more.  What I wouldn’t give for some 30 slot bags, or my Tundra Mammoth to sell and repair, my Mail Box toy, even a few hundred gold. I know I will eventually have everything, I will have all 14 slot bags, will have all of my spells, and all of my profession patterns. It’s just going to take time and work. Which is a completely different concept in place of RNG for the much higher drop rates in the current game. Sure there are a few recipes gated behind killing 100 or more of something in a specific area, but they are few and far between.

One other thing I’ve noticed is that nobody likes a low level Shadowpriest. You’re a priest, you are a healer. Shadow is something you get to do later once you can unlock all the talents and ways to reduce your threat. It’s obvious from playing with a Warlock and Warrior in tanking spec, when even giving them 5 seconds to build threat, and them telling you again and again they can’t figure out why you are getting attacked when they can see on their threat meter that I’m no where close. Either by design, or just continual bad luck I pull aggro and get killed, a lot. Add to that trying to find a group to run a dungeon, you’re either not a healer, or your level is too high, you will lower our XP. I’m dealing with it, dropping quests for dungeons that really don’t offer anything, and I’ll go back months from now at 60 to solo them if I want to. Classic may be the same game as current retail, but they are worlds apart in how they are played.


7 thoughts on “Sorry, I can’t rez, I didn’t have enough money to learn the spell. And other musings on Classic.

  1. Well, I would expect a lot of threat meters to be bugged still considering it’s not really something anyone has needed (outside of people playing on private realms…) for several years. Also, as a shadow priest, Mind Blast does cause extra threat and maybe that isn’t being accounted for in the threat meters which could be why you’re pulling aggro even though you think you shouldn’t be?

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    1. I’ve given it a 5 count, cast Shadow Word Pain and seen the target charge right at me. My wife playing her Warlock doesn’t have any issues. Lol, I even pull aggro off her Blueberry casting heals on her. I must be very tasty.


      1. I think I recall that I could drop points into talents to lower my threat, it’s just been a long time since I’ve had talent trees and getting Mind Flay was exciting.


      2. Yeah, that does sound like the mobs really *really* like you, Shadow Word: Pain shouldn’t be causing almost any initial threat since it takes a few seconds before it actually ticks. Also yes, second row first column from the left of Discipline is the talent where you can reduce the threat you generate, also another extra talent in the same spot in Shadow just for Shadow spells. I would probably recommend picking up those talents a bit later though, during the early levels pulling aggro isn’t quite as critical as say 40+.

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    1. Lol, seeing all the colored shirt Tailoring recipes, nope, transmog isn’t a thing thank goodness. But oh, seeing that recipe to make shoulders, looking at my small silver bank account, and debating, get it now, or wait till tomorrow. Buying it, buying the thread, equipping, going to repair, and realizing I don’t have enough money to take a flight plan back to where I was.

      I’m telling you. Best toy they could ever add would be a Fitbit to track steps. Lol

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  2. I’ve run dungeons with a couple of priests as dps, but aggro is so insane that they tend to make the tank very unhappy.

    Also, on my resto shaman I’ve kind of had the opposite problem that if a priest joins the party they always want to heal, no matter that I’m fully resto specced – to the point that I’ll end up doing crappy dps with my staff while they chill at the back casting Renew on the tank every now and then, hah!

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