Dear entitled 20 something

Dear entitled 20 something,

You are certainly a stereotype with your clean shaved face and neck beard, I see you also had a man bun.  You had already gotten out of your car at the gas station to go into the store for a breakfast sandwich.  I know because your car was there at the pump, and had already been filled with gas when the car in front of me was able to pull in to the other pump.  That car got $20 worth of gas.  He left and I pulled in and got $20 worth of gas.  A truck had pulled in behind me, and there were trucks alongside so I could not pull out.  About 5 minutes went by, the attendant seemed to sympathize, eventually you came strolling out, paid for your $5 worth of gas, got into your car, and sat there eating your sandwich and reading your phone.  Wow.

You young man are what is fundamentally wrong with the world.  Show a little respect for other people, stay in your car and get your $5 worth of gas, then go find a parking spot to go into the store, and by all means sit in the parking lot eating your breakfast while others try to find parking so they can get what they need before work.

My day started off nice.  I held a door for someone and they said thank you, my morning coffee was fresh and I got the balance of a little sugar and hazelnut creamer just right, someone held the door for me going out, and I said thank you, and the other gentleman said you’re welcome.  I did not get stuck in traffic, and I was going to be able to get to work a few minutes earlier than normal.  And then you singlehandedly ruined what was shaping up to be a tolerable Friday in work.

So thank you for that, and I hope you enjoyed your sandwich.

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