New Allied Races, New, New, New….

I get that for a lot of people they enjoy playing the same class as different races, enjoy playing different classes as the same race, even different classes of different races.  They enjoy collecting Transmog set, they enjoy pushing Mythic + keys, enjoy Warfronts, Island Expeditions, Raiding, grinding out reputations and emissaries across multiple characters, play both factions even to experience the entire story.

And it’s not for me.

Certainly as I have gotten older finding the same amount of time to commit to the game as I had many years ago is certainly more difficult. Mostly because real life priorities have to be taken care of before the luxury of playing a game to relax.  Jobs around the house take longer because I am older.  The level of research involved to play the content I did years ago has certainly gotten more complex, but also that there is much more to do.  Where I use to feel good about participating in 60-70% of the games options, I now find myself wondering why do I even play since that has dropped to below 20%.  The game, at least to me has transformed from a few things that you really wanted to get in there and do, to a buffet of many things to taste, and my time is a small plate.  Having a lot of things to do does not necessarily make the game better, or worse for that matter.

Just not for me.


3 thoughts on “New Allied Races, New, New, New….

  1. Apart from the most unnecessary achievements (cause the reward fits only if you actually play the allied toon), allied races are totally a customization option, like barbershop or transmog. Well, to me they are also characters with a new personal story if I find it interesting, but I doubt I’m in 1% of players with this 🙂

    On more general case, finding the core of what makes the game fun is vital imo. I enjoy playing my alts, but if I had only 5 gameplay hours per month, they would be devoted to seeing the story.

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  2. I’m sure you have played a lot longer than me, can you think of when it was that they started splitting the story? I mean first with from different faction perspective, but now even more in lore behind the races.


  3. I find the Allied Race concept a bit dispiriting, races on the cheap as it were. No new starter zone, quantity over quality (some are clearly just reskins). It’s cheapening the idea of introducing a new race. That said a new playable race doesn’t often motivate me to go alt crazy, in WoW as in other games I create new characters to play a different class first and foremost. I may vary race strictly each time or have some duplicates from a race perpective, but the important factor is actually the class as the class mechanics represent the majority of the replayability factor for me.

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